How To Cover Dark Circles

This is probably my most asked for post and it’s one of the things that I’ve recently become so self conscious of on myself. Recently I’ve been really researching and experimenting with the makeup that I have to see what works for me and I’ve finally figured it out!

 How to cover dark circles

I guess we should start at the beginning and look at why we get dark circles. There are a number of causes for dark circles including lack of sleep, sinus problems or worst of all hereditary causes. Sadly if you’re South Asian you’re probably more likely to suffer from them. In the past 3 years my dark circles have become really prominent. I had no idea about the best way to cover them up until I spent ages experimenting with different brands and processes, but I am here to tell you it is possible to correct and conceal very easily.

Now, before you go slathering on concealers and correctors the first thing you need to do is analyse your dark circles. Most correctors have an orange or salmon coloured base based on the assumption that your bags will have a blue-ish tinge to them. This is definitely not always the case. There is not a one size fits all answer and it will definitely take some work and many attempts before you get it correct.

A few sheer layers of the right corrector can instantly transform your entire face, but it’s so difficult to figure out what will work if you have no idea where to start and don’t have a degree in art!

First things first, sit yourself down with a magnifying mirror preferably and natural lighting. Have a really close look at what colours stand out from under your eyes the most. What colour are your veins? What colour is the inner corner of your eye? Is there any redness at all?

Once you’ve mapped out what colours there are you need to figure out which colours will neutralise them and hide away those circles. Unless you’ve studied art, the colour correcting wheel can get quite confusing to figure out so here’s a quick guide on which concealers to use on all the different areas.


Green Concealer – This concealer is best used on areas which have redness. Most green concealers are quite light in colour but don’t be put off, they still do the trick. Remember you’re not looking to cover up anything, just mask the tone.

Orange based concealer – This is for those who have blue or bluey-green tones in their dark circles. One thing to remember with an orange concealer is that it is too dark for those with a light or cool toned complexion. It only has good results on warm toned skin. If you’re not warm toned then read on.

Salmon concealer – If an orange based concealer is doing nothing for you then a peach or salmon based concealer will definitely help. The colour won’t be so intense and leave your eye area looking sore. Once again use a soft dabbing motion to create a few sheer layers, not one thick layer.

Yellow concealer – Yellow concealers are extremely under rated. South Asians especially often have purple tones in their dark circles and a yellow concealer is exactly what you need to counteract that. This colour concealer will also help to cancel out slight redness that comes with purple circles.


Layering – Concealer is a difficult one, the name itself makes us believe that we need to literally paint it on to our faces. Keep it light and use soft dabbing motions to transfer product straight on to your face using your ring finger. Don’t be afraid to only part conceal if you have different colours going on. Once all the different colours are on, using a damp beauty blender start the blending process. Once you’ve got the right colour correcting combination going on your circles should start to look like they’ve been lifted. The last thing you need to do is apply your foundation on to your face and then over the concealer and blend blend blend!

Don’t be fooled by bloggers and sales assistants that claim that red/orange lipstick or concealer is the one for you. It will take some trial and error but I’d strongly suggest investing in a little colour correcting palette to start off with until you get an idea of what’s working for you. If you do give it a go or have any questions, let me know below in the comments section!

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  1. Aisha says:

    This post was so helpful, thank you! I bought the sleek colour correcting palette a few months ago but haven’t figured out what colours to use. Definitely going to give this ago soon once I’ve worked out my dark circles.

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