Why My Beauty Posts Are Now Few And Far Between

Initially I wrote this entire post and then decided to scrap it. I felt like I didn’t need to justify what I do with my blog but then I changed my mind again. I see my readers as friends and want the old school readers to know that the beauty aspect isn’t going anywhere, I just needed a break. Here’s why… 

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So back track to about 5 years ago when blogging was really taking off and more more people were venturing into beauty blogging. It was a great little community and I loved every minute of it.

I created mood boards of how I wanted my makeup stash to look and I dreamt of buying a huge acrylic makeup storage just like Kim Kardashian’s. I loved looking at and creating swatches and trying out the new releases. 

I just wanted ALL of the makeup!

I eventually made it on to the PR lists of some incredible brands and felt like my hard work was really paying off. 

My makeup collection was growing and my dream was coming true. 

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when my mindset had changed, but at some point a few things started to really grate on me. 

The waste: 

Bloggers were being sent complete shade ranges. Out of say twenty shades, it is likely you would be two or maybe three at most so all the other bottles were going to waste. It just wasn’t making sense. I wasn’t sure that this was what I wanted to work towards anymore.

I kept thinking to myself, why aren’t PR brands working smarter and sending numerous bloggers of different skin tones just three bottles that would be their closest match. 
Surely people follow influencers which are similar shades to them and would like to see it worn as opposed to swatched on someones skin that it doesn’t even match to?

The packaging waste was horrific too and I was also ending up with products I just wasn’t using. Have you ever seen a tube of lipgloss go bad? Let’s just say it’s not a pretty sight! I started to say no to brands and didn’t want to have a stash of makeup that would get out of date.


As a beauty blogger human being you only have one face. If you’re being sent different bits of skincare, it’s difficult to test it all with in depth reviews on a quick turn around. And believe me when I say brands want a quick turn around.

Readers and consumers searching Google for reviews don’t care about “first impressions” posts. They want facts on whether a product is effective or not once it has been tried and tested. 


2018 in particular was a year for a lot of great new beauty releases. Almost all of the big beauty brands were releasing what seemed like a “must have” item. I started the year off budgeting so I could purchase these products but by May I realised I couldn’t possibly keep up. 

By the time I had tested out one palette, three new ones from other competing brands had been released. 

Forking out £40+ for a palette that I wouldn’t be able to completely use and get my money’s worth just didn’t seem appealing to me anymore.

Enough was enough. I decided to now work backwards and instead of building up my stash, I wanted to clear it all out. 

The ultimate goal would be to create a capsule makeup collection but before that I had to use up everything that I owned. 

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been trying to use up all my products and donate things that I know that I definitely won’t be using anymore. 

Let me tell you it has been TOUGH. There have been SO so many new incredible releases in both makeup and skincare. I have wavered slightly (naturally!) and bought a few bits and pieces but in general I now wait for birthdays to ask for beauty gifts that I don’t want to justify a big spend on. 

I’ve also started doing makeup looks over on my Instagram account @damzelinthisdress to help use up my makeup.

Does this mean I’ll stop makeup/skincare reviews completely?

Absolutely not! Instead I’ll be really selective and post reviews on products that I REALLY love. Since I’m doing ‘project pan’ and ’empties’ posts, I’m hoping you’ll be able to read more informative posts which I love to write and I’m sure you’ll prefer to read.

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