Birkin’s Black!

Everybody loves a Birkin! You can’t not. It’s granny-chic, goes with everything and is very practical. The price tag however, is not. 

what’s that? I need one, did I hear you say? 

Well if you have the ££££ to pay the price tag, I fully urge you to go and get one. They really are beautiful! If however the money tree in your garden hasn’t been too fruitful this year, here are two alternatives:

Take a look at the bag from charming and chic. It’s a real leather Birkin inspired bag and at £70 it’s a major style steal! Their website has a range of different colours so definitely worth checking out.

Alternatively, if you want a little less copy cat but still Birkin style there’s the bag that Aldo first bought out last season.

Some of you might have been excited to see it go on sale (in the assorted colours) however the ULLUM in Black is still available at full price (£50) – 

What do you think of the alternatives? Would you rather save for a real one? which of the two do you prefer?

Love Always,

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