Summer shoes for Bunions

Bunions are probably one of the worst things that could happen to your feet. They’re painful, annoying and extremely ugly. To make matters worse, finding suitable footwear for the summer thats not only comfortable, but is also able to hide the horrible ‘deformity’ is almost impossible. 

Now notice I did say almost impossible. That’s because after years of continuing to wear ballerina flats in the horrible heat, I’ve decided, no more! 

Here are a few styles that might help hide your bunions and will still let you look on top form this summer.


Studded and strapped away

The criss cross designs are a great way of distracting people’s peepers from your bunions. Since they’re usually always flat, they’re relatively comfortable and look amazing. 

Try to find sandals with straps going over your bunion and not ones where your hallux will stick out into the gaps. Gladiators have been seen on all sorts of celebs as well as consistently on the runway.


Billie Pipers bunions in Birkenstocks

Originally associated with hippies from the 60s and 90s, these wide, clunky and chunky shoes were never made to be sexy. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that this season Birkenstocks have made a huge comeback. 

They’re extremely comfortable and the wide straps are great for hiding away those parts of your feet that you would rather not be seen.


Simple Chic Sliders

Similar to Birkenstocks, yet slightly less stylish. Sliders are also great for comfort and the ability to hide most of the bunion. A sleek black leather design can look extremely chic. 

Lace up Sandals:

Statement lace up sandals

Lace up sandals are the perfect cover ups. Look for shoes with laces all down the front and vamps (the sides of the shoes) that cover your feet and bunion. Once again, they criss cross design draws attention away from the sides of your feet and the covered up sides help you hide away your potential insecurities. Additionally, lace ups also mean that you can tighten/loosen the shoes to your own comfort.

If you do suffer from bunions, don’t worry yourself too much over them. If they’re extremely painful you can consider surgery. If they’re not so bad, just remember some of the most beautiful celebrities have horrible Hallux’s…these include, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner and even the stunning Iman.

Do you suffer from Bunions? Do you find it difficult to find summer footwear for your feet? Would you consider surgery for them?

Love Always,

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