Hillarys Crafternoon

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited for an afternoon of crafting hosted by Hillarys at Drink Shop Do in Kings Cross. Despite having my little anxiety alien tell me I’d have a melt down if I agreed, I jumped at the chance and let me tell you I am so glad that I did.

In celebration of Hillarys’ new ‘Jewel’ range, we were told that we would be spending the afternoon making jewellery boxes using fabrics from their brand new collection. We had two lovely ladies from The Crafty Hen who were on hand to show us what we needed to do and I’m guessing ensure none of us glued ourselves to each other.

Red velvet and spotted dick cake bloggers event at drink shop do

 As soon as I arrived I looked up to see a gigantic disco ball hanging from the ceiling and I knew it was going to be a good afternoon. I took a seat, still in awe at the brilliant venue and pretty much as soon as I sat down I was offered a cup of tea and a huge slice of red velvet cake; so I’m basically going to rephrase and say I knew it was going to be a great afternoon.

fabric swatches and mood board for hillarys crafternoon

We were given swatches of fabric, buttons and ribbon to cover our boxes with and I opted for a bold print which was a cream and wine coloured pattern. It turns out double sided tape hates me and I struggled ridiculously but got there in the end! Hurrah!

We also created inserts for the jewellery box and fabric rolls to create a ring holder compartment. The next part was learning how to make a Suffolk Puff and incorporate into a something you can wear in your hair. I’ll be honest, my first attempt was an absolute disaster but I eventually got there in the end. I’m not one for wearing hair pieces so I decided to stick my Suffolk puff onto my jewellery box as a finishing touch.

Bloggers event jewellery box made from hillarys fabric swatches
My finished piece!

For someone who is not at all crafty, I had a great time and it’s inspired me to even take crafting up as a hobby.I also good to meet some amazing bloggers and bond with them over our dislike for double sided tape!

Huge thanks to Hillarys and The Crafty Hen for hosting the lovely afternoon and Joe’s Bloggers for organising it.

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