Fashion Faux pas: Pink PVC skirts

As much as I love looking at how people wear a certain item of clothing so it suits their tastes, I have found one recent item of clothing that I just cannot see the appeal in and I feel I have to write this post and say that some items, no matter how much the fashion world is raving about it, should never be worn!

The particular offending item that I am referring to today is the pale pink PVC/Patent skirt.

Available in most high street/online stores, this number has been cropping up everywhere. I’m not particularly sure where anyone would actually feel comfortable wearing it in their everyday lives doing ‘normal’ things, like going down to your local Tesco or going into a Uni lecture. In all honesty, the first thing that sprung to mind when I saw it was that it looks like it should be hanging for sale in a seedy store in soho...sorry guys!

I’ve done my research and have even been sent pictures of celebs rocking the pastel skirt (including Ciara and Rochelle of The Saturdays) by others who have tried to sway my opinion – I’m still not convinced!

I’m all for breaking boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion but some things should come with a warning from the fashion police!

After quite some time talking to others about it, itt appears i’m the only person in the world at the moment who thinks its going to be a very short lived wardrobe malfunction which people will most definitely look back at and think ‘Oh my, what was I thinking?!’

What do you think of the pastel PVC skirts? Am I the only person in the world that finds them quite hideous? Do you think you could rock it? Send me your links of you wearing one to see if I can change my mind!

Love R x

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