Sunset At The Shard

When the shard was first unveiled, countless people, Londoners especially, were left highly unimpressed. It seemed to be yet another tall building otherwise known as a money making scheme; besides it didn’t even look finished, right? Not to mention the fact that the view of London can be seen perfectly from the London Eye, one of London’s most well know attractions so why go to The Shard?

Well, since I love anything that novelty or remotely touristy, as soon as it opened it was added on to my places to go list; even though it seemed as though, I was one of the very few people who was actually really excited by the opening!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit as soon as I would have liked to have gone but luckily I have recently had the chance to visit and I have to say it really is a must see! Oh and miles better than the London eye!

The entrance is really easy to miss as it’s tucked away almost under the escalator which misleading says up to The Shard! As with all tourist attractions, you’re forced to have your picture taken when you go in, something i’m not a fan of! (Selfie’s all the way!)

Now this may sound pretty obvious but it really is a tall building! I have to say my fear of heights was tested; particularly when shooting upwards in the lift, I admit I found myself praying that the floor doesn’t suddenly decide to collapse underneath me! With that all aside I still had a great time.You’re not given a time limit so you can take in the sights at your own pace.

The Shard – View

The four sides allow you to see the North, East, South and West areas of London with pictures of the most significant/recognisable buildings on the wall. There are also telescopes dotted around where you can zoom into some of London’s finest buildings, or spy on your neighbours from afar…whichever you prefer really.

We arrived just before sunset and stayed until it got dark and I reckon it’s probably the best time to go. For those with significant others, I’d highly recommend you visit with them, as there’s probably nothing more romantic than watching the sun set over an amazing view.

The view of the shard

Whilst living in London you do tend to become oblivious to the little things, however a trip to the Shard is a great reminder of what a beautiful city we live in 🙂

Love R x

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