Depop Decoded: How To Use It & Selling Tips

Whether you’re a blogger or not, chances are that over the years you will have acquired a crap load of stuff that you just don’t use but are not willing to throw away. Whether it’s that lipstick that you used only once because it didn’t suit you or that dress that that you were convinced would look great on you but ended up looking like a sack with sleeves, hoarders, it’s time to let go.


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On recommendation from a friend and upon realising that my bank balance wasn’t my friend this month either, I decided to give it Depop a go. The easiest way to explain what it is, is that it’s basically a cross between Ebay and Instagram. Users are able to sign up to buy, sell and browse what others have put up for sale. Sounds simple in theory but how does it work?

Like most apps these days you just pop your details in and sign up to create a profile/account. Next you need to connect a Paypal email address so that people are able to pay for your products. Once you’ve got yourself an account all you need to do is take some pictures of your item, write a short description and enter a price and you’re good to go. You’re able to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts too, so that your items are shared on your social media accounts automatically. It really is that simple! Other than that the only other thing you do need to know is that Depop will take 10% of the final sale but unlike other selling sites *cough*Ebay*cough* there are no listing fees.

I would definitely recommend it purely to get rid of the old stuff you never use and there’s the added bonus of making a bit of money along the way. I am by no means an expert but in just under a week I’ve sold 6 items and made enough to pay towards another months driving lessons and hope to keep at it. If you do have any questions, I’m happy to help so get in touch but in the meant time here are some of my selling tips & tricks.


What’s your Depop account name? 

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