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Let’s face it, details are everything. Be it on clothes, food or even room decor, the smallest touches can just tie everything together. 

I’ve been redecorating my room now for about three years. Since I have the shortest attention span in the world, I’m embarassed to say it’s still not quite finished. Nonetheless, this year I’m determined to complete it and when LED hut got in touch with me to review some branch lights for them, I knew this was exactly the push I needed to get this project started again and finished! I WILL have apinterest worthy room before the year is over!

Since I’m in the process of painting a mural on a wall in the form of a tree just above my bed, I decided to opt for dark brown branches with LED lights on them. The branches would go perfectly near the bottom of my tree, to give it a realistic rustic feel and the fairy lights would just make the room look just magical! 😀 Can you tell I was excited?

The branches arrived in great time and were packaged well. On closer inspection of the product, the branches looked very very real. None of that plastic tack. The bulbs are entwined with the branches and are made to blend in so well that when they’re not switched on you can’t even notice them. I was even more pleased to find at the bottom of my package there was a set of batteries! Don’t you just love when retailers remember to give you everything you need in order to use the product straight away!

The branches are so versatile that you can pretty much put them wherever you want. The fact that the lights run on batteries means that you can be as creative as you like! The light from the bulbs emit a warm white glow which I prefer to a fully bright white light, that you sometimes get. After lots of um-ing and ah-ing, creativity got the best of me and I decided not to stand them upright tied up as I had originally intended.

These particular branches have 16 LED lights entwined with the branches and the branch itself is approximately 100cm long. I’ve mentioned it before but I’ll say it again, one of the best reasons to switch from conventional lights to LED lights is that they use 80 percent less energy. So if you’re decorating on a budget, these are a god send. Aside from being able to save on bills, they also last longer and stay cooler than traditional bulbs because they don’t have a filament. No more over heating and no more worrying that you might electrocute yourself or burn your house down if you leave them on for too long!

LED Hut offer a range of different branch lights that all look stunning. You can view their full range here.

Priced at £7.19 they’re honestly such a bargain and well worth the money. If you’re ever in need of a revamp, or wanting a little something to spruce up your room I’d definitely recommend you get some lights from LEDHUT

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