Nando’s Brunch Club Review

After the discovery that Nando’s serve breakfast/brunch Twitter went into a frenzy, only to find out that it’s served at airports only. I love it when brands listen though because not long after that they announced ‘Nando’s Brunch Club’ which would take place over all the weekends in August. 

It stated clearly that no halal chicken would be served at this event and we were given an option of picking from three items. Yep, just 3.  

I thought this was slightly strange but assumed it was just so they get a vague idea of what kind of food people were after. 

The day finally arrived and Shamz and I made our way to Nando’s yard. I’m not sure if it’s just a pop-up, it seemed like it is but the venue seemed pretty cool. With a giant receipt on the outside with an agenda and a food truck and garden furniture as you walk up to it, I was excited to see what was in store. 

We checked in with the waitress and went inside to what seemed like a huge open plan venue. There were a few booths with bean bags, playstations (x 2) and artwork on display. If I’m honest, it could’ve been bigger and better. They had printed t-shirts with Nando’s written down the arm. Sorry but who is buying this pls? 

We were all allowed to take a glass of Prosecco as you walked in and to my surprise there was nothing for those who don’t drink. Not even glasses for water. I requested a glass and it seemed to cause chaos to find one and in the end I was given a paper cup. 

There was no vibe/atmosphere whatsoever and people milled around whilst waiting to be seated. They could’ve created more interactivity or photo taking opps but there was nada. 

Eventually we got called further into the venue which had been partitioned off. There were three long tables and we were all told exactly where to sit. I personally would have liked to have sat opposite my friend but we were told to sit beside each other. 

It all seemed very strangely put together if I’m honest. 

Whilst we sat one plate of corn hash browns were placed in front of 4-6 of us. I can’t deny these were delicious and this is coming from someone who isn’t really into hash browns. There were no refills and I was honestly beginning to get a hunger headache. 

The food eventually started to arrived but the service was so very slow. 

It turned out that there were no menus at all and it really was 3 dishes you could pick from. Since I don’t eat meat that isn’t halal I had picked avo on toast. 

The dish was ‘crushed avocado on toast with portobello mushroom and a sprinkling of mixed seeds.’ It was served with a side of saucy fiery beans and a peri peri drizzle on the side. Personally I would’ve liked an egg to tie it together but that wasn’t an option.

If I’m honest, the food was a bit disappointing. The “saucy fiery beans” were bland and cold and the avocado on toast was pretty bland too. They could’ve easily added some lemon and chilli to it. I just wasn’t impressed.

As I said before, there were no drinks served and I had to make do with my glass of water. As a caffeine junkie, I could only think about where I was going next to get my caffeine fix. 

The one good thing I did get out of the experience was trying out the coconut and lime sauce. It is life changing! Definitely need to get hold of this for my house.

Once the food was being cleared we were asked whether we wanted tea or coffee. I decided I’d ask for a coffee and it never actually arrived. The staff were all inexperienced and not at all attentive. 

We ended up leaving because I got bored of waiting for my coffee and there was not much left to do at the venue. Honestly? it was an experience I wouldn’t really recommend to anyone.

Save your coin for a restaurant that specialises in brunch and know what they’re doing. Sorry Nando’s, I had high hopes for the concept but it really lacked organisation and enthusiasm. It’s a no from me.

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