A Once In A Lifetime Trip

Once in a lifetime trips only come round…once in a lifetime. So, you need to make the absolute most of them whilst you can. We often tend to go for the smaller holidays, and fill our travelling days up using them. But, if you spread your wings a bit and find some better holiday destinations, you’ll soon find that a trip of the lifetime could be just around the corner for you. There’s one destination that we think you’re going to love, but one that often isn’t on peoples list. We’re talking about Canada, and we’ve got plenty of reasons why you should be heading there ASAP. Have a read on to find out more.


There’s many different parts to Canada. Which part you go to will largely determine the experience you have. So, here are some of the best places that you could wish to visit. First of all you’ve got places such as Halifax. Halifax is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. It has a lot of character and history to offer, but also has a bit more of a laid back vibe to enjoy. Point Pleasant park is a nice little place to visit if you want a little bit of relaxation, a little bit of nature, and a little bit of beach. Canada isn’t known for its beaches, but Point Pleasant park has a little one to enjoy. There’s also places such Delta Hotels Barrington for you to rest your head at the end of the day. Another part of Canada that proves popular is Alberta. Alberta is known for its vast and beautiful landscape, and really is perfect if you want to do a bit of exploring and take in the scenery. We won’t go into too much detail with what adventures you can have there, we’re going to list them in the final paragraph!

Food & Drinks

You won’t be short of places to go for food and drink. Whilst they might not be as outlandish as they are in America, they’re still just as good. All different parts of Canada have some amazing restaurants, one of them being the Baretto Caffee in Toronto. Generally, if you go to the more commercialised areas, you’re going to have a better experience with food and drinks. Well, at least there will be more to choose from when you’re having a little mooch around. As for drinks, the nightlife in some of the bigger areas of Canada offer more to do. You’ve got plenty of bars, clubs, and local events that you might be interested in. It all depends on which area you’re going to go to.


Most of the adventures you’re going to be able to have involve some of the best landscapes you’ll see in the world. Jasper national park is one of the first places that you need to visit. It’s vast, there’s plenty of nature trails, and people enjoy the outdoor activities that can be done there. Another popular is Maligne lake. People love to go kayaking on the crystal blue waters taking in some lovely views. Just like with Jasper national park, there’s plenty to do in terms of outdoor activities.


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