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This week has been extremely hectic, so much happening on the family front but even so I’ve found some great gems that I absolutely love at the moment to share with you all.

1. Sweeney Tattoo – Brain child of the brand Oliver Sweeney, who are all about taking traditional things and putting a modern spin on it and now they’ve come up with an awesome concept – Tattooed brogues! I mean have you heard of anything cooler?! As far as I’m aware they can pretty much tattoo any kind of leathered item, including wallets and even hip flasks. If you look closely at my photo they’ve even put the marauders map alongside the names of Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail and Prongs! Not sure I can take much more excitement after this tbh, although this leads me on nicely to my next favourite of the moment…

2. Harry Potter books – I can’t stop going on about them. They really are magical – yes pun was well and truly intended! J.K.Rowling is a fab author who deserves all the credit she can get. If you haven’t read them, then where on earth are you living? get your hands on a copy and get reading!

3. Scarlet Empress (Nars) – A long long time ago I tried out a concealer from Nars, it was the worst thing I had ever come across and ever since then I have boycotted Nars products. That is, until I was killing time in Joh Lewis a few days ago and decided to try out their lipsticks. Boy am I kicking myself now because they are divine. Creamy texture and pigmented formula, definitely a recipe for success. Scarlet Empress is now my new favourite for a lipstick in pantone’s colour of the year.

4. Tailored Sleeveless coats/jackets – I really wish I was able to carry these off but unfortunately they just won’t suit me. This is probably why I’m loving them so much! They just make an outfit look effortlessly chic and with spring rearing it’s head around the corner, this is perfect for those sunny but kinda cold days. 

5. Tiger stores – Let’s face it, these are basically upmarket poundlands. Once again, all I can say is they’re bloomin’ brilliant. You can find absolutely anything you need for just a few pounds and for all you beauty fanatics, they’re currently even doing acrylic lipstick holders for £4? maybe £3?

6. Mind the gap – If you have not yet watched this short and you live in London then you must. Like right now. It’s such a brilliant, heart string pulling, tissues at the ready, feel good clip. The fact that it’s based on a true story makes it even more wonderful. Well done TFL! (and of course Luke Flanagan!). Watch the short video here.

7. Joelle’s Emporium – Lastly, I’m going to confess that this Etsy find has bought out the child in me and I’ve gone temporary tattoo mad. She’s got some brilliant designs including quotes from my all time fave book – Alice in wonderland. They go on easily and last a good few days. Well worth a look!

What things are you loving this week?

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