Burgers and Cocktails Review

Considering I can’t eat much from the menu, it’s very strange (or maybe not once you read why) that Burgers and Cocktails has quickly become one of my favourite burger joints.

 Burgers and Cocktails Restaurant

Brainchild of the Giraffe restaurant chains, Burgers and cocktails is a relaxed, rock & roll-esque restaurant that are doing everything right. Seriously, everything.

I love the casual vibe that it oozes and the staff have always been nothing less than wonderfully accommodating. They never ever rush you even when they’re super busy and I’ve never felt like I was being kicked out the door or that they’re out of their depth when they do hit rush hour. The decor & ambience make you feel right at home as soon as you walk in. The exposed brickwork and neon sign is all right up my street!

This past fortnight, I’ve already been twice and both times I tried two different veggie options. My usual at Giraffe is available here which is the Falafel & Haloumi burger. This is one of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever tasted. I’ve managed to convert hard core meat eater friends with this burger and I thoroughly recommend it.

falalfel & halloumi burger

My last trip there however I decided to try the Green Chilli Popper burger. My mouth is actually watering whilst typing this up! The burger is actually for meat eaters but they’re so lovely that if you ask you can change any of their meat burgers with a veggie patty, and so I did. Along with the patty they add their jalapeño poppers in, which are cream cheese & red chilli pepper relish encased in breadcrumbs. It is to die for. I’m so glad that as a vegetarian you’re not just lumped with one mushroom burger and barely anything else.

The food is made fresh and honestly, you can really tell. I know that the picture doesn’t look like it’s the most fresh burger and it doesn’t look thaaaat appetising but trust me it’s SO good. It’s all well seasoned and not in the slightest bit dry but if you feel like you need to add a little something more then you’ll be pleased to know they have ALL OF THE CONDIMENTS. You have no idea how happy this makes me. From vinegar, to 3 different types of chilli sauce, they really have it covered.

The food always comes out in a timely manner and it always tastes really fresh. Being the fussy eater that I am, I’ve never had any cause for complaint.

From 5-7 they have happy hour on all marked cocktails and even offer a 20% student discount from Monday – Fridays. If like me, you’re not a drinker then you can also ask to have any of their cocktails made without alcohol.

Other small things that I really appreciate is that they have somewhere to hang you coats up. I really hate having to drape my coat over my seat! The toilet mirrors are also pretty cool to take selfies with.

If you’re shopping on Oxford Street, I really recommend you make a pitstop at Burgers & Cocktails. It’s worth every penny.
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