The Best Going Out Dresses From Quiz Clothing

So for the next 6 weeks you’re going to see me on a mad hunt for some going out dresses that I can wear or customise to wear to wedding functions. I’m not talking any old wedding events but Indian events. This means that all colour and style rules are out and high fashion/haute couture inspired outfits are in.

damzel in this dress

One of the first sites that I like to scour is Quiz. They always have my back when it comes to wearable concepts and ALL of the sequins.

I decided to put together 7 of my favourite pieces from their going out range and mayyy or may not have put in a sneaky order of all 7.

Out of the 7 I’m picking out my top three to fashion into the perfect wedding outfits.

First up is this Black Satin Wrap long sleeve bodysuit. You’re probably thinking, ok how are you going to wear this to a wedding but picture this. A concept spree with a smart blouse in satin. I know for a fact that it’s going to look really classy and I might had some trim to the cuffs.

Ok so all sequin dresses are my real weakness but rather than wearing trousers or leggings underneath I’m thinking of sewing lace or net and turning this Rose Gold sequin dress into a gown. A rose gold gown is going to be epic.

Lastly I am living for this Tailored Sequin dress. It’s so perfect that I really don’t think I need to do anything further to it. A cute clutch and killer heels and I’m good to go.

Which is your favourite dress?

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