Top 6 Places That Serve Veggie Friendly All Day Brunch In London

I love breakfast food but I also love my sleep and a good lie in. Do you see my dilemma?

Since London is the place where dreams become realities I knew it wouldn’t take me long to find a number of places that served an all day breakfast and/or brunch so I didn’t have to rush and be out the house until I was all good and ready. After some research and recommendations I’ve realised that actually I’ve been to a fair few places over the course of the year so far; some great and some just standard. Today I’m going to take out the faff of having to do your own research and I’m bringing you my top 6 breakfast joints that serve breakfast suitable for vegetarians that doesn’t end at “smashed ago & poached eggs on toast”. Nothing wrong with it (!) but hey, vegetarians have tastebuds too ya know.

The Breakfast Club Veggie reggie 

  1. The Breakfast Club The top spot has to go to The Brekky Club. I mean it’s in the name fgs. They do a mean veggie full English and the options for vegetarians are quite possibly the best I’ve seen! I would definitely recommend their vegetarian sausages because they’re the best I’ve had in both taste and texture. Service is fab and atmosphere is chilled despite the seemingly endless queues to get in!
  2. The Ivy Chelsea Garden – SO so good. If you’re after a little bit of luxury or want to treat yourself, get yourself down to The Ivy Chelsea Garden. The Ivy’s hollandaise sauce is possibly the best I have ever tasted. Plus the setting is beautiful.
  3. Megan’s – This cute little eatery scored top trumps in hospitality, instagrammability and food. Covered in floral displays and fairy lights, it’s one of the most underrated places that I’ve seen on the ‘gram. I promise I’ll do a review on this place soon but until then let me assure you that Megan’s is an incredible casual dining experience. An excellent all rounder.
  4. Fait Maison – Staying on the theme of good hospitality and instagrammability, Fait Maison is a strong contender. Yes it’s well known for it’s afternoon tea and delectable assortment of french inspired cakes and bakes, but they actually offer all sorts of breakfasts which are both great for vegetarians and halal food eaters.Daisy Green Review Broccoli fritters
  5. Daisy Green – Daisy Green Collective are taking London by a storm with new restaurants popping up everywhere. I tried to pick my absolute favourite and I have to say I struggled. They’ve got some pretty good locations and the friendly atmosphere across their chains doesn’t waiver. The menu is almost identical across the restaurants and I am not complaining at all. They have a great selection for vegetarians, both sweet and savoury.
  6. Egg Break Lastly if you’re after a really chilled out, lazy Sunday afternoon breakfast with no bells and whistles then Egg Break is the place to be. The entire menu is full of variations on the simple egg – What more could you ask for!

I’m sure by the end of the year I’ll have a few more to add to the list but for now these 6 scored highest in terms of an overall dining experience. And yes, breakfast as a meal can be ‘a dining experience’ whatever time you want to be eating it!

What’s your favourite place in London that does an all day brunch?




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