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Hey-o, summer is fast approaching! Pretty soon, we’re going to be basking in the never-ending glow of beautiful summer days. Or at least we will if the weather decides to play ball, which, in England, isn’t always guaranteed. Nonetheless, there’s certain to be at least a period when the sun-gods mercifully bless us with their rays, and when that happens: you need to be ready to spring into action and head out into the outdoors. But no so fast, because you need to make sure you’re looking your best! Here’s a cheat sheet to make sure you can make the most of the summer.

River Island Pom pom sandals

Summer Dresses

The weather’s cracking the flags, you’ve been invited to a BBQ in the park, but you’ve only got a minute to get ready. What do you do? It’s either A. Politely decline, draw the blinds, and sit in front of Netflix all night or B. Throw on your summer dress and get down there. Let’s make it option B every time. Invest in a few light summer dresses that show off your carefree personality, and you’ll never have to miss a quick trip to the park or beach just because you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Casual Around Town

Most of the summer, we’re not really enjoying the hot weather — we’re at work or school, just waiting for those brief moments when we can expose ourselves to Vitamin D. If your moments are few and far between, then make sure you have the clothes you need to top up your tan. Denim shorts and light t-shirts will always be a winner on this front. Slogan t-shirts are coming back this summer, probably due to all the nasty politics we’ve seen over the past year, so this is your chance to make a statement in more ways than one!


If it were up to us, we’d all be running barefoot all summer, but darn society, and it’s rules…instead, you need to have a few go-to options in your wardrobe. Flip-flops, sandals, and converse should be enough to make sure you have the right footwear for whatever outfit you’re going for.

The Right Accessories

There’s only so much you can do when you’re not really wearing all that much fabric, and that’s why accessories are so important during the summer. Invest in some womens jewellery and you’ll have a showstopping piece to add to your outfit, which will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. And never underestimate the subtle effect that a thin belt can have when worn with a sundress.

A Poppin’ Attitude

OK, enough’s enough, the true secret to always look great in the summertime is: having the right attitude. Summer is a time of boundless possibilities when you can throw yourself into anything and everything you want. If you’re the one who always the bring the party and can-do attitude, you’ll be turning heads because of your as well as the outfits you’re wearing. Enjoy!

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