Blusher: How to apply it correctly for your face shape

The right amount and correct placement of blush can really make your face pop; this post however was inspired by the horrific mistakes I’ve seen some girls and women make with their blusher. more colour does not always mean better.

Some of you may be thinking, whaaat..since when does it matter where you apply it, as long as it’s on your cheeks right? well…wrong. The correct placement can really enhance your features and give you a more polished and defined look. it’s a lot easier and a lot more natural looking than contouring.

Below are the general face shapes and illustrations of where you should be using your blusher.

How to wear blusher

Round: Blusher can be used to thin the face out a little. Apply the brighter blush to the apples of your cheeks, “but don’t go in any closer to the nose than under your iris, or you’ll get that Raggedy Ann look.” Dust the contour shade below the cheekbone down to the chin line and blend.

Square/pyramid: Blush can be used to soften the angles. Concentrate the brighter color at the apple, then brush it up and out to the temples to give your face a little lift. to round out your face, dust the contour shade from your chin to the middle of your ear along the underside of the cheekbone.

Triangle/Heart: to soften the chin. Apply blush to the lower part of the apple. Instead of contouring, blend a liquid highlighter around the chin and along the jawbone. The highlighter will give your face more balance. Dust the contour (darker) shade across the forehead, close to the hairline and end at the temples. Be careful not to brush on the apples of your cheeks, just the  lower parts.

Long: Blush can be used to help widen the face. Brush a brighter coloured blush on the apple and extend toward the ear (not up the temple) to create the illusion of width. Dust the contour (darker) shade across the middle of the forehead (about a quarter of the way down form the hairline) and along your chin.

Oval: As always, your face shape is amazing and you don’t need to work too hard. To get a more natural look for the daytime, simply apply blush to the apples of your cheeks for a pretty, flushed look. At night, you’ll want to heighten the drama. “For an extra pop of color, apply blush on the tip of the nose and across the bridge.”

Hope this helps all you lovely ladies get the perfect blushing beauty look.

Love R x

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