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I’ve reached that point in my life where I’m suddenly reaching for products that help boost collagen and keep wrinkles at bay. As important as it is to have good skincare routine in place, I know that you’ve got to start from the inside and work your way out. Whilst I’ve given up red meat (for the most part!) and I’m taking the stairs instead of a lift as part of my daily routine. babysteps guys! When I was offered the opportunity to review a beauty supplement that could help with improving my skin & complexion I couldn’t wait and agreed right away.
This past month I’ve been trialling Help: Beautify Skin supplements. They’re a little different from the usual capsule or pill form because they’re in fact sachets of jelly, apple flavoured jelly at that!

Help: Beautify Skin Works With Water Beauty jelly supplements

Help: Beautify Skin contains a patented blend of Marine Collagen, Reseverateol, CoEnzymeQ10, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. I’m pretty sure you will have heard of these ingredients being used in lots of anti-ageing beauty products because of their amazing properties that help repair your skin and help to maintain a youthful complexion. Having read the ingredients, it made me feel a little bit better about the product since I couldn’t find many other reviews on it.I’d never heard of the brand and was a little worried to be honest.

I received two boxes and each box has 14 sachets. The sachets are really compact and easy to pop into your handbag so you remember to take them even if you’re on the go. They just rip open so you don’t need to worry about asking around for a pair of scissors. The jelly just squeezes out and it’s the most yummiest, painless, good for you product I’ve ever tried. If you’re a 90s child they taste like Jelly Ace, which I remember I was mad about at one point.

Help: Beautify Skin Works With Water Beauty jelly supplements

After a month of use I found that for about 3 weeks I didn’t really notice much difference. My skin didn’t look any different nor did it feel it. Still, I soldiered on, determined to stick it out and see what it could offer me. By the end of my four weeks, I had two different people ask me what foundation I was using because my skin looked really clear. I hadn’t made the correlation until a few days after when I went to get my face mapped at dermalogica, the lovely sales assistant complimented me on how ‘normal’ my skin was. For someone who has suffered acne for about 10 years, compliments like these don’t come around too often and they mean the world!

What I loved most about these beauty supplements is how much it didn’t affect my day to day routine. I didn’t have to worry about carrying a drink around or keeping the capsules safe from being crushed in my bag. These sachets are really strong and can even be put in the fridge so the jelly tastes even better when it’s chilled. The other thing I was super happy about was that when taking them I didn’t break out. I know from previous experience some beauty supplement brands insist that if you do get spots, these are your toxins coming out of your body but honestly, I don’t have time for that and I’m pretty sure that would be a sign that my body is not agreeing with it.

Since I haven’t changed my diet or exercise regime, from when I started taking these supplements, I am going to attribute my compliments to these supplements. There haven’t been drastic changes to my skin, but to be honest I don’t have any wrinkles or big skin concerns at the moment. I have only used the product for a month and I’d definitely be interested in finding out how they continue to work for me as more time goes on. I plan to continue purchasing these with the hopes that they’ll me age just that little bit more gracefully. You can find out more and purchase them here.

Do you take any beauty supplements?

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