5 Things To Take On Holiday Wishlist

With all these sales and discount codes flying around I can’t seem to stop shopping! With just two and a half months to go until my holiday to Egypt (eeek so exciting!) I’ve decided to pack strategically and not just go crazy with buying things that I won’t wear. Ideally I want things that I could also get away with wearing here too. In order to not impulse buy any more things, I’ve decided to go back to my poor student days ways and create a holiday wishlist so that I can really make my mind up about what I want to take away with me.


Daniel Footwear Melissa Shoes


I have searched so many retailers to find the perfect summer outfits and I’m finding it so difficult to find things I like. Generally I find Topshop isn’t great for holiday shopping. Partly because they don’t fall under the cheap and cheerful category and partly because, well, they’re just not. I still had a browse of their website and I found a jumpsuit that I have to have. I feel like this (1) belted bamboo print jumpsuit was made for me! I haven’t seen it in stores yet but the sizes are going fast online so I might just do a quick order with this one.

I was never a fan of aviator sunglasses until Bae insisted I give them a go. My issue was the fact that my eyebrows are visible over the top of the frame and for ages I thought it just looked a little bit weird. Plus I have quite a small face so they just don’t sit right on me. All these years later, I found out that Aviators actually make a small size for all of us with this problem. I’ve got the colourful reflective ones which are on trend at the moment but I really want to invest in a classic black pair of (2) Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses.


Technically it’s not part of an OOTD but hey, you can’t go on holiday without a sturdy suitcase right? And this (3) Ted Baker Suitcase is what bloggers dreams are made of! Everything from the floral print to the pastel mint green colour is beautiful and I’ve actually gone to visit it in the Ted Baker store and it just confirmed all of my wants and wishes. I NEED this suitcase…anyone want to get me an early birthday present?

Waterproof/pool side shoes are a must, however flip flops are just not for me. My feet are too wide for them and they just look so wrong with my bunion so I try to find shoes that cover up most of my foot. Whilst having a browse around I found these (4) black patent Melissa Shoes that will actually be ideal for me and anyone else with foot exposure problems. Plus the rubber like material means it’s perfect to wear around the pool this summer.

Last but not least, the only other piece of clothing I got all heart eyed over was this (5) embroidered bustier from H&M – my go to store for holiday shopping. Personally I don’t think I can pull off a bustier so I’m not sure I’ll be purchasing it for real but hey this is a wishlist right? So who knows maybe one day when I have a body I’m completely satisfied with I can sport one of these beauties.


What things are you taking on holiday with you?


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