The Abstract Palm Print Dress

Happy Monday lovelies! Today I’m teaming up with one of my favourite department stores, House of Fraser, to bring you one of my all time favourite outfits and OOTD posts. It’s taken me a huge amount of courage to pick up my tripod and take the pics for this post. If I’m perfectly honest, I’ve been putting it off for ages due to my recent extra weight gain, despite not even eating all that unhealthily. Actually, I tell a lie, I’ve just remembered that I had a burger pretty much every day last week…whoops! Still Ramadan is here so I’ll cut out the snacks completely this month and try to get right back on track. 

Warehouse Abstract Palm Print Dress

Warehouse midi Dress ootd

Not so long ago, House of Fraser were kind enough to send me this beautiful Abstract Palm Print dress by Warehouse. I’ve recently been getting so bored with the same old styles and same old floral prints that come out at this time of year *cue The Devil Wears Prada “florals” scene* that I’ve been really picky with what I’m buying and wearing. I’ve even changed up my style a little bit by investing in converse and other trainers in attempt to bring something new to my wardrobe. For someone who last wore trainers at P.E. lessons in school, that is a drastic wardrobe update.

This dress though, isn’t it just gorgeous?? More importantly, isn’t it like something you’ve never really seen before? As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it. Let’s talk aesthetics, the colours are a combination I’ve never actually worn before. despite grey being one of my favourite colours to wear. I love the little yellow & green accents within the pattern, they’re subtle which doesn’t make the print too loud. As with most Warehouse dresses this one is really well made. The top half is lined so I don’t need to worry about my bra and other wobbly bits showing through and the bottom have is left unlined with splits in the dress so it falls really nicely. The dress is a straight cut dress so I was a bit worried about how it might fall on my curves but I think it works, and I didn’t even have to size up! Small win for me ha.

ootd converse with maxi

The dress is actually supposed to be a midi dress but on me it falls to almost maxi length. I did consider getting my sewing kit out and taking it up a bit but on second thought’s I actually like it this length. I decided to pair the dress up with a pair of white converses and added a black cardigan for when it got a little bit chilly later in the day. 

When shopping for clothing, dresses in particular I always seem to forget about House of Fraser. Having worked there once upon a lifetime ago, really I should know just how many amazing brands they stock, especially online. They literally have a dress for every occasion and for all budgets. To purchase this particular dress or browse other maxi dresses in their collection – visit their website here.

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