Pinafore Dresses For Under £25

I remember the first time I bought myself a pinafore dress. It was a beautiful embellished black piece from Urban Outfitters. I had a weird love/hate relationship with it because it was crazy comfortable but also made me look like a school girl. For someone who was in college and trying to get away from that childlike vibe, I hated it. It amde em feel self conscious and in the end I decided I wouldn’t be buying any more dresses of that style.

Fast forward another 5 years and now I’m desperately (ok maybe not that badly but you know how it is!) trying to hold on to my youth so my motto is now pass me all the pinafore dresses! I’ve been rocking that burgundy corduroy one from Topshop that was all the rage two years ago and because I love all the layering in Autumn so much, I decided to by myself another one.

Stradivarius Denim Pinafore dress

Today’s Instagram post features a beautiful denim number that I just know will stay in my wardrobe forever.  I purchased it earlier this month and I can confirm I’ve worn it every week since buying it. It’s a real investment piece and a total bargain at just £19.99! Check it out here.

My favourite thing about pinafore dress is that I love how they can be styled with literally anything and will still make you look effortlessly fashionable. Feeling cold? Pull on a turtle neck. Casual event? Add a t-shirt. Wanna look chic? How about a crop top? It all just looks SO good!

 I’ve had a scour of all the high street stores and etailers to find the cutest pinafore dresses; and the best part? They’re all under £25! 

Which is your favourite dress?

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