Things I’ve loved this October 2018

This October has been amazing for discovering new finds and switching up my style a little bit with a few new subtle additions to my home. I’m going to be writing about most of them in depth so watch this space but for now, here are all the things I’ve been loving this month.


Too Faced The Sweet Smell Of Christmas Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Too Faced Melted Matte The Sweet Smell Of Christmas gift set – I love Christmas gift sets but I usually just admire them from afar and splurge in the Christmas fashion sales instead. This year though, this set called out to me to take it home. All the colours were so pretty and I had always heard such great things about the melted mattes. I haven’t stopped wearing them since I purchased them either! Read my review here.

BBB London Rosewater Mist – hydrating mists are a new discovery for me. I mean I know what they are but I’ve never felt the need to give them a try myself. Now that I have, there’s absolutely no going back! BBB London recently launched a brand new product and I gave it a good go. Here are my thoughts on this one.


The Jungle – I recently went to watch the Jungle with a friend and it’s probably the best thing I’ve seen this year. Whether you’re aware of the crisis in Calais or not, this show will pull on your heartstrings and you’ll leave questioning just wtf you’ve been doing all this time and why you haven’t done more to help. Don’t forget to pack some tissues!

The Enchanted Mirror scavenger hunt – If you follow my Instagram stories, you will have no doubt seen that I went on another very exciting text message based scavenger hunt  with Hidden City London. I like to think I’m pretty good at riddles and conundrums but this one had me stumped on more than one occasion! I still had a great time and recommend it to you all. Look out for a more detailed post on this!


chevron primark jumper

Chevron jumper – Or as my colleague called it, my Charlie Brown sweater. It’s perfect for Autumn and although neither the print or colours are very “autumnal” (god I hate that word!) it’s still a statement piece that I can’t stop wearing. I wish Primark were online so I could link to it, but I only got it last week so I’m sure if you head over to your nearest store you’ll still find them.

Leather leggings – Well, more leather look really but I’m obsessed. After a tiny clear out, I came across a pair I bought about two years ago from Boohoo. I didn’t end up wearing them because of the weird plastic smell and they just sat at the bottom of my wardrobe since. The smell has now lifted but I am obsessed at how great my legs look in them! Below are a few of my faves available at the moment.


Lindt Lindor Coconut Truffles – If you don’t already know about these, well then, you need to get to know. Actual pieces of heaven in your mouth and I may or may not have eaten an entire box today

Halloumi and Zucchini fritters – They taste exactly like pakoras and honestly I just can’t get enough, I’ve been dreaming about them for the past week! My latest discovery was at Amber where I recently had brunch. The decor is super cute and it had a great vibe. Best of all, their breakfast is pretty much an all day affair! Review coming soon!

What have you been loving this month?


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