11 things you shouldn’t say to someone with Acne

Having had acne for 10 years I have pretty much heard it all. I never really took it to heart but I know others who are deeply affected by what others say and think. Here are probably the 11 worst things you could say (but definitely shouldn’t) to someone with acne.

11 Things you shouldn't say to someone with acne

  1. Why do you have so many spots? – If I knew this then surely I wouldn’t be standing here having this conversation with you
  2. What happened to your face? – What happened to your manners? You don’t see me questioning your lack of tact do you??
  3. You should stop eating so much chocolate – *eye roll* 
  4. You’re probably not washing your face enough – I probably own half of the skin care products sold in Superdrug, don’t test me.
  5. Omg what happened to your face? – Omg what happened to thinking before you speak??
  6. Have you tried Clearasil/Proactive/Insert any spot fighting brand or product here – refer to point 4
  7. You should drink more water – I wish you would carry on sipping yours so you stop spewing advice I didn’t ask for.
  8. Stop covering it up with makeup, it will only make it worse – Is there anything that you can use to cover your mouth to stop it saying things to upset me?
  9. TBH lot’s of celebrities have bad skin – Ok and that helps me how..?
  10. You used to be so pretty – um…thanks…I think?
  11. I swear only teenagers get acne/spots – No no and no again. Can you not?
Now that that’s out the way let me just do a quick PSA – it is not OK for you to comment on how someone’s body looks. Whether you think it’s the norm or not, don’t comment, don’t even think it. Being tactful is a personality trait that will take you a long long way in life! I’ve pretty much heard it all along the way and I urge you to PLEASE be kinder, as you never really know what someone else is going through.
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