Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Stark Naked Review

Today’s review is of my new every day lipstick that I just can’t get enough of – Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Stark Naked. It’s one of their 60 new shades that was part of their relaunch of the Vice lipsticks.

Urban Decay Stark Naked

I’m going to be honest, I was so conditioned to being loyal to MAC lipsticks that anything other than ‘sleek’ black packaging didn’t really appeal to me. That is until I got up close and personal with the vice lipsticks and I realised the difference between meh and A-Mah-zing. Seriously, I love the metal casing that the lipstick comes in and the detailing of the embossed logo really finishes it off well. The plastic mac bullet shape looks almost childish next to the sexy shotgun shell. I know that some stores even allow you to engrave your lipsticks which I’m definitely going on the hunt for next week!
The other thing I really like is that the lipstick clicks shut. As in, it makes that clicking noise so you know it’s secured shut and you’re not going to end up with lipstick all down the inside of the bottomless pit which is your handbag.

Stark Naked is a peach toned nude which comes in a “comfort matte” finish. It’s reminiscent of MAC Honey Love, which is a really popular shade.

stark naked vice lipstickstark naked swatch

One of the things that really sold me this lipstick was the creamy texture. It feels so good on my lips and I don’t find myself biting it off after a few hours of wear. I did the geeky thing where I look into the ingredients of the lipstick and was surprised (but then again not really) to see aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and abassu oils all in there because they’re all ace at nourishing and softening lips. The one ingredient that I had never heard of was Illipe butter. It turns out that it is derived from Malaysian illipe trees and is amazing for providing long-lasting moisture. *Side note* Illite butter is amazing for dry and (chemically) dyed hair too and you can buy organic illipe butter from Lush!

I was really surprised at the colour pay off, especially for such a light/nude shade. I don’t need to go over it a million times for the colour to be even either.

Vice Lipstick has great staying power; it stays on realistically for about 4-5 hours without eating or drinking hour work shifts and I noticed that once it dried, it doesn’t transfer to my cup either. Amazing for a lipstick that isn’t liquid! It doesn’t survive completely through food but it still fares well. Currently, it’s one of my favorite lipstick lines and I feel like they thoughtfully created shades that everyone could wear. Here’s a pic I took after 4 hours at a wedding, no lip touch ups and it’s still going strong!

Urban Decay Stark Naked

I definitely think it’s worth the price tag of £15.50, especially when you consider how long it lasts. Will I be purchasing this again? 100% yes! I can’t wait to build up my collection with pretty much every single shade! Buy yours here today.




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