What I Got For Eid 2017

Eid for me is pretty much Christmas come early – literally! Fighting with family for the best seats on the sofa, whilst stuffing our faces with endless food, but best of all – presents!!
This Eid I felt super lucky because I received gifts that I’ve actually been meaning to buy for myself and every single one was really thoughtful.

I always worry about sounding like I’m humble bragging but since I’ve been asked a few times by fellow bloggers I decided to just create a post on it. So let’s jump right in…

Anastasica Beverly Hills – Subculture Palette:
So last year I got the Modern Renaissance and It’s one of my absolute favourite palettes that I reach for. When Subculture was released, despite all the negative press, I couldn’t help but want to try it out for myself. I’ve been trying to be good with my spending though so I put it on my wishlist and hoped I would be able to get it soon. You can imagine my face when I opened up the gift to find the much coveted Subculture palette!

Violet Voss – Pro eyeshadows Holy Grail Palette:
Violet Voss is another drool worthy brand that I’ve been wanting to try for a ridiculously long time. The Violet Voss Holy Grail eyeshadow palette has so many positive reviews and I have to say that in person, it is beyond dreamy. I can’t wait to start playing with it! The colours are mostly neutrals so it’s going to be very easy to wear. I’ll definitely swatch and review it over here on DITD very soon!

New Look – Yellow Check Print Scarf:
I can’t get over how ‘me’ this scarf is! I picked it up in New Look a few days before Eid but the weather was still really muggy and I didn’t want to queue up lol. It’s the perfect size and thickness and It’s already giving me all the Autumn feels. Definitely perfect for the transitional weather and yep you don’t even have to ask, I’ve already started wearing it ha. Purchase yours here.

Asos – Livewire Studded Ballet Flats:
I’ve been looking for comfortable black flat shoes absolutely everywhere! As much as I love loafers and other “smart” looking shoes they don’t always look great with a pair of jeans. These however are easily going to become my favourite because they’re ridiculously comfortable and they will definitely go with everything. They’re wide fit too!!

Topshop – OTLEY Studded Cross Body Bag
As much as I love all the deep autumnal colours that are making their way into store now, I still love throwing in a bright colour into my outfits. I’ve been eye-ing up this bag for some time in Topshop and was thrilled to find that I was gifted it. It’s actually a really roomy bag that fits everything I need in and it has a magnetic close. I’m sure you’ll see it featured on my Instagram very soon!

River Island – Anklet
I’m a little bit obsessed with Anklets at the moment and this gift really made me smile. I usually wear a really thin subtle one on a day to day basis but I’m definitely looking forward to switching it up with this bling one.

Damsel in D-stress Festival Kit
I loved that my cousin got me this! I’m sure you can guess why 🙂


By the end of the day I was left feeling ridiculously lucky and a little bit overwhelmed at how wonderful and thoughtful my family is. I can’t wait to get stuck into the makeup and start wearing my fashion bits.

What’s on your wishlist?




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