Urban Chocolatier

I’ve been trying to go to Urban Chocolatier for a while now and last night I finally had a chance to. I was eagerly anticipating what the place would be like as the instagram pictures looked mouthwatering and the website boasts a “chocolate lounge”. For a chocoholic like myself, this sounded like heaven! Was this going to be a new take on dessert places? Would it be filled with guilty pleasures that I would most probably regret later on in the evening?

My first clue should’ve been the fact that there are no pictures of the actual place either on their website or instagram, but I remained hopeful nonetheless.

The shop is located in an almost alley-way like road off of Whitechapel road. As we drew closer I couldn’t be more excited…when we stopped right outside the shop to my surprise, my first impression was “Oh. It looks exactly like any other dessert place.”

It’s a very narrow shop with 3 booths and a few tables with chairs. There is no ‘lounge’ and no atmosphere as their lovely huge wall mounted TV screen plays a strange advert for different locations around the world, over and over and over.

On to the desserts…

We ordered a mixture of waffles, Profiteroles, chocolate fudge cake, Mojito’s, Milkshakes and Hot chocolate. 

(Excuse the poor quality of pictures, I really have to start taking Nicky the Nikon out again. She would’ve loved it lol). Everyone pretty much enjoyed their dessert, but I have to say, it wasn’t the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

All in all, the desserts were really very nice, I know this post sounds like i’m ranting, but really, the desserts were great. I just feel they’re advertising their shop to be a little more than it is.

The staff are also extremely friendly and the desserts came in good time.

I would recommend a visit if you’re in the mood for something sweet…just don’t expect an elaborate chocolate filled place like I did!

Love Always,

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