The Perfect Night In With Giffgaff

So we’re officially going to be on lockdown and if I’m honest, I’m not too sure how I feel about it. The introvert in me is rejoicing at the prospect of having no real responsibilities but at the same time it all seems very glum atm. Giffgaff definitely came to the rescue though because they have very kindly sent me an amazing box full of goodies to help me have the perfect night(s!) in. 

Giffgaff who are currently sponsoring The Voice UK seem to have thought of absolutely everything! The box consisted of a mobile phone projector so I can watch films or The Voice using my mobile phone. It’s such a great idea that I decided to build myself a little fort away from all the madness going on at the moment and get my Netflix on! This took a lot of failed attempts but I was determined to get it right! I didn’t even have to worry about terrible iPhone speaker sound because they sent me an incredible speaker AND the earphones shown below for when everyone has gone to bed.

I have to say the perfect touch was definitely the candle with a pun on it. Considering my Instagram is full of puns, it was like it was made just for me! GiffGaff also included a voucher to grab some snacks and a sim card for calling my bestie whilst we stream the same film and discuss why we should’ve taken up acting.

The projector, speaker and headphones that Giffgaff sent me are all made of sustainable or recycled materials which is exactly what the mobile network are about as they are a huge supplier of refurbished mobile phones. I didn’t actually know this or the fact that there are 40 million unused phones in people’s homes in the UK! I’m definitely guilty of hoarding my old phones! It’s definitely given me something to think about and if you’re wondering what a refurbished phone is all about do follow the link to check them out.

Since I'll be having a lot more nights in than I had originally thought, what do you recommend I watch?

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