4 London Gyms That Are Bringing The Gym To Your Living Room

This week I’m seeing more and more people posting their home workouts on social media and I love that. I thought i would throw together a small list of boutique gyms and studios offering home workout that you can follow along with. Most of them are on Instagram so they’re completely free too!

Here are 4 places that are bringing the gym to your living room:

Home workout


Barrecore was the first specialist barre studio to be set up in London in 2011. If you’re keen to dip your toe in to the world of barre and find out what it’s all about without the daunting feeling of going into a studio, now is your chance!

You don’t need to worry about different props and exercising equipment either because Barrecore’s home workouts have been designed that no matter where you’re isolating, you can all come together and join in.

BLOK London

BLOK are my FAVE places to go. Admittedly I’ve only been a handful of times but it’s such a great atmosphere and the instructors are SO lovely. They’re switching up their instagram ever so slightly and offering IG live classes for you to follow along to. They offer a range of classes and again, no specialist equipment is required!

Digme Fitness

Digme Fitness launched a series of IGTV workout sessions on Instagram. From yoga for beginners to 15 minute workout blasters, Digme Fitness has you covered during this period of uncertainty and will see you through with their tempting exercise regimes.


Whether you’re a yogi or you fancy switching it up with a barre class, they’ve got a whole load of classes just waiting to be discovered on their Instagram IGTV. Why not Facetime your best mate like I have been doing and bond over your pending summer body’s.

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