Wearing Dark Lipstick On Thin Lips

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Dark lipstick comes around every single Autumn/Winter and to be honest I’ve always ignored it. I don’t need the must-have berry shade or pretty plum colour. I was perfectly happy owning every single shade of nude there was. That was until, Pantone announced the colour of the year for this year is Marsala and suddenly I was discovering MAC’s Media, Diva & Amorous. It’s too late for me to turn back now, look like I’ve moved over to the dark side and I’m hoping to take you all with me!


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Since this is the internet and we’re not at all judgemental around these parts, I will disclose to you all that the real reason I’ve kept away from dark shades on my lips is because I have thin lips. There, I said it. I mean they’re not overly thin a la Kylie Jenner pre-sixteenth birthday but they’re not very large either. I’ve found that as with wearing darker coloured clothing, when putting a darker shade on your lips I find that it makes thin lips look thinner.Thin lips also make us appear older.
Not fair right? Still, why should we miss out on having all the fun, so i’ve put together three simple tips for wearing dark colours, even if your lips aren’t quite a match for Jolie’s pout.

1. Lip liner – Use it, and use it well! Over drawing your lips has suddenly hit a rise, particularly since Kylie Jenner went from cute girl next door to woah jailbait. Her secret? A little lip liner…well actually a lot in her case. It really is as simple as following around the edge of your lips. I like to fill in the rest of my lips too as Lip liner has a lot more staying power, so my lipstick won’t come off completely after a drink. The waxes in the pencil will also help stop the lipstick from bleeding all over place. Remember to use the correct shade, preferably one that matches your lipstick exactly. You can use a darker colour to line your bottom lip to give it a bit more of a shadow and make it appear plumper.

2. Choose the correct shade – By this I mean choose one that suits your skin tone. Let’s face it girls, sometimes what looks great on Beyonce isn’t always going to be the best choice for us. That’s not to say there won’t be a similar shade that won’t flatter you just as well. If you know you look better in cool shades, opt for a blue-based, berry color. If your complexion is warm, choose a hue that is more brown based. Another handy tip is MAC’s Ruby Woo is supposed to be the shade that flatters most people due to it’s blue base.

3. Lips stains – Still don’t think you can pull a dark lipstick off? Fear not, reach for a stain instead. These will suit absolutely everyone. The subtle colour is just enough to create a dramatic effect whilst not overpowering your entire look. Clinique do a wonderful range called ‘Almost lipstick’. Alternatively, if you’re on a spending ban like me, you can easily create your own by applying a dark lipstick with your fingers or a cotton bud instead of using it straight from the bullet; this creates a sheer wash of color.

What’s your favourite shade of dark lipstick?

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