The Best Places To Dress Up In London

Royal Albert Hall

For all its reputation for theatre, London actually has a lot of fairly casual theatrical venues. Even Shakespeare’s Globe (which is really a replica of the original, but still does the trick) is almost completely casual. You might see tourists in jean shorts and fanny packs taking in shows. But for a more formal night out there’s always the Royal Albert Hall, which has been called one of the most beautiful theatres anywhere in the world. The place has been open since 1871, but still looks spectacular today.

The Ledbury

Truth be told, you could basically close your eyes and point at any list of the top 20, 30, or even 50 restaurants in London, and you’d probably choose a place where you can get away with wearing the most fashion-forward ensemble in your wardrobe. We’re going with the Ledbury here simply because it’s about as close as any place comes to being the definitive nicest restaurant in town. A beautiful atmosphere, a famous chef, countless awards, and fixed menus make for an undeniable experience. You just won’t feel right unless you’re dressed up for it.

The Hippodrome

There are a few different casinos in town, and you can always dress up for a big city casino. But The Hippodrome is known as the iconic one, to the point that it’s been in business for over 100 years. It’s gone from a turn of the 20th century circus-like venue (complete with live beasts) to a casino so modern it’s birthed its own mobile version. It’s a terrific time, a beautiful (if flashy) venue, and a place where you’ll feel right at home strutting your stuff.

The American Bar At The Savoy

It doesn’t take too much explaining to point out why this one makes the list. The American Bar at The Savoy in London has been voted the world’s best bar, and is known for producing about the most impeccable cocktails you can find – anywhere. The bar itself (which is what you see a picture of in every article ever written about the place) is actually fairly small and not particularly formal. However the surrounding lounge invites a classy clientele, and it’s a wonderful place to wear your best outfits. If nothing else, the cocktails themselves deserve the gesture!

The London Eye

If you’ve only ever seen distant photos of it, the London Eye might look like a standard Ferris wheel. But in actuality it consists of compartments, not seats or benches, such that you’re riding in an enclosed area where you can stand up and congregate. To give you an idea of how formal it can be, there’s even a champagne package you can pay for with friends. So, why not dress up for the occasion?

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