Fishcotheque Fish & Chips Review

This week I went to watch a really cool show (more on that tomorrow!) and I dragged along my friend who lives in Birmingham with me. Her train got in at 1pm and the show started at 2:30pm so we needed a very very quick lunch. We opted for Fish & Chips because we’ve been talking about and craving it for SO long and a quick google search told me that Fishcotheque was pretty close by.

Can I just say, I have walked past this chippy countless times and I have not once even realised it was there. I don’t know if it’s the branding or the fact that it’s under the bridge but I have literally just always walked past it.


I must admit, I’m gutted when I think about all those times I missed out on good hearty food because I didn’t want McD’s.

As you can see from the picture of the exterior, it’s just not….very eye catching. For some reason I also remember it in my mind as the outside looking very cluttered. Perhaps it’s just the fact that I’m not a fan of the colour brown. Either way, it doesn’t matter. What does is the fact that it’s a great location and very easy to find if you just look (lol). The brown branding continues inside and it’s bigger than I thought it would be. There’s a reasonable amount of tables and a cute tiled mosaic at the back spelling out Fishcotheque.

I couldn’t get the whole thing in without shoving someone out of the way so this was the best photo I could get. Plus we were in kind of a rush!

fishcotheque review london

fishcotheque review london

Fishes Kisses

fishcotheque london review

The service was quick and the waitress was pleasant. Couldn’t fault the service really.

Both the fish and the chips were cooked fresh for us and they give Heinz mayo and ketchup (the good stuff). I was really happy, plus the vinegar is already on the table too so no condiments complaints either. The fish was definitely fresh and fluffy, couldn’t fault it at all!


If you’re in London and ever in Waterloo, which I’m pretty sure you will be at some point. Let me tell you, it will be so so tempting to go to McDonalds which is practically in the station but what if I told you there is a better way. A better place. Less than a minute away. Well I mean I have just told you. This place is really really good. Portions are good, everything is made fresh, it’s a proper traditional chippy that doesn’t feel greasy or smell too strongly of oil and/or fish.

I’ll be adding Fishcotheque to my top 10 Fish & Chips joints in London – watch this space!

Would I recommend it? Yes definitely.

Would I go back? Already have done babes x



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