New Halal Restaurants Opening In London February 2020

Oh hey foodies, this ones for you. I’m going to be doing a new feature every month of new halal restaurants that have opened each month (if any!).

I’ll be doing another post of newly opened restaurants that don’t cater to halal diets too, so watch this space!

Anyway here are four new restaurants that opened up in February this year!

Satay street cafe

15 Goulston Street, London E1 7TP

After years of being an extremely popular stall in Petticoat Lane market, Satay Street have finally made the jump into opening up their own restaurant in Shoreditch. Their menu is based entirely on Bangkok Street Market food so naturally it’s all amazing.

Halal status: “Yes! All of our meals are halal x”

East West London

135 Fortess Road, London NW5 2HR

What kind of food is it? Italian pizzas with Indian flavours. They also do a mean brunch (with a twist) on the weekends. I’m not one for meat on my pizza but definitely curious after checking out their menu. Paneer Bruschetta with roasted masala tomatoes sounds pretty banging!

Halal status: “Hi and thank you! Our chicken and lamb are halal, as are the pizzas which feature them”

Gymkhana (reopening)

42 Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4JH

After an unfortunate fire the Michelin star restaurant is finally open again. The restaurant has been revamped as has some of their dishes so I did ask them to reconfirm which of their food is halal.

Halal status: “Hi there. Our chicken, goat and lamb is halal”


Unit 3, 4 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG

The award winning restaurant serving Sri Lankan and South Indian inspired dishes, including Hoppers, Dosas, Rice, Roast, Kothu & Arrack is spreading it’s wings and moving over to Kings Cross. I was sceptical but the food is really flavoursome. Definitely worth a visit.

Halal status: “The chicken and lamb is halal”

If you get a chance to visit before I do, let me know over on Instagram (@damzelinthisdress) whether it’s worth a visit.

The confirmation of halal status for this post has come directly from the restaurant themselves however please enquire before you visit incase there have been any changes with suppliers.

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