The Original Makeup Eraser Review

I’m going to put in a disclaimer before I write this post to say that I am not in any way sponsored by Makeup Eraser nor was I gifted this product or been asked to write this review. I had heard of Makeup Eraser through my sister initially but ever the sceptic, I dismissed it straight away. I mean, a cloth that washes off all kinds of makeup with just water has got to be a gimmick, right?

Makeup Eraser Review

 Fast forward to a few months ago when I visited Professional Beauty for the second year running. There were a few brands that I hadn’t seen last year and as I had a browse around I saw that none other than ‘Makeup Eraser‘ had a little stand. I’d heard of them before and I didn’t believe the hype. I scoffed and as I walked closer to it thinking you’ve got to be kidding me, a small crowd was starting to gather. I tried to walk through the crowd to the next stand but somehow ended up watching a demonstration. The lovely sales rep chose a not so keen lad from the crowd and put on some bright red lipstick and waterproof mascara on his hand. Then she grabbed a Makeup Eraser cloth, squirted some water on it and wiped it all away within seconds. I must admit I was very intrigued, so naturally I strategically moved my way into the front of the even bigger crowd that had formed by now and asked to see the demo again on me.

Since I had been at the show for a while now, I had a bunch of makeup swatches on my hand already. The makeup had had time to dry and set and some of it was waterproof. The sales rep didn’t hesitate and instead welcomed me to give it a go. She used a water bottle to soak the makeup eraser cloth completely and then with a firm wipe over my hand (twice) it was all gone. I couldn’t quite understand it but I definitely wanted it.

Makeup Eraser Cloth Review

I ended up purchasing a few for myself and my sisters and went straight home to find out the science behind it. It turns out that the makeup eraser is made from a specially knitted polyester/silk fibre which when wet, creates a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin. The website even states specifically that it removes waterproof and smearproof mascara, HD makeup and lipstick. I was pleased to find that it has no chemicals on it, it literally is just a specially designed cloth.

The makeup eraser comes in 3 different colours. black, pink and blue. I’ve mostly seen the pink one in videos and on instagram and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan. Instead I opted for black. It’s a rectangular shape that is rounded off on the ends and my goodness it’s unbelievably soft. I was told by the sales rep that you can get three good uses out of it because you should wash it. The best thing is you can just stick it in the washing machine when you need it cleaned. I have tried hand washing it when I’m in a rush and the results are just the same. It’s recommended that you wash the cloth before use, I’m not entirely sure why, perhaps for hygeine reasons? I just rinsed it under the tap a few times because I was so eager to use it.

There is also a “proper” way to use the cloth. First use the side of the cloth with the fibres that are shorter and more packed together in circular motions. This will remove the makeup that has settled on to your skin, and then use the longer sided fibres to exfoliate the face after removal. It takes just seconds to use.

The makeup eraser has become one of my favourite makeup removal products. I use it every single day before I start my night time cleanse because It’s so so easy to use. I love that I don’t need to worry about it running out or even irritating my skin. I wear a lot of heavy foundation and even that isn’t too much trouble for the cloth to remove. It’s even perfect for those days where you’re so tired that you can’t do a full on cleanse (you know them nights) because all you need is some water.
The Makeup Eraser can be purchased from a range of sites online and it’s now also available in Selfridges. The price points vary from £10 – £15 depending on where you shop.

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