Resolutions, Reflections and Reminders

OK, I’m just going to come right out and say it. I flopped on all the resolutions that I made last year. I’m not going to dwell on that at all though because I still think I’ve come a long way and ain’t nobody got time for negativity. This year I’ve decided that I’m going to start planning ahead really early for the new year and all the things that I’m hoping to achieve.

My life goals for 2016

1. Exercise – I joined the gym this year and went twice. TWICE. In preparation for the new year I’ve cancelled my membership (Oh thank the lord) and I’ll be searching for easy 10 minute workout videos on Youtube every day. Hellooo Blogilates!

2. Driving – This year, the one thing I’m most proud of is facing my biggest fear of learning to drive. I didn’t think I’d ever feel as confident as I do now on the road and I’m really really hoping that I will pass my test this coming year *fingers corssed*.

3. Cooking – After finally getting into Pinterest, I’ve seen some amazing healthy recipes that I want to try out. Since I’m Indian, curry’s a regular meal in our house and I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m not a fan at all. Hopefully, my motivation to be a vegetarian will help me in experimenting a lot more in the kitchen and who knows maybe by the end of next year I’ll be a whizz in the kitchen just like mother dearest.

4. Work – I absolutely love my full time job but I’m at a point where I really want to give my writing a go. I’d love to pursue a job where I am able to write more and explore my creativity. Who knows maybe I’ll find something where I’m doing PR work for a charity. Either way, I would really like to make a change in terms of my career in the new year.

5. Charity – Last year I had an extensive discussion about wanting to give back because I know just how privileged I am. As I said before I didn’t quite get round to doing anything this year, but I’m planning on using my blog to help fuel me into doing something for a different charity each month.


My Blogging goals for2016

1. Bloglovin’ – I’ve always been a bit slow with Bloglovin’. I’m not very good at “marketing” my BL link and I just haven’t bothered really. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt this year though it’s that stats and numbers do count. I’m not planning on begging for followers or plastering it all over the place but I do need it to be a little more visible. My goal will be to double my followers to 500. Eek!

2. 150k Views – This year I’ve managed to get over 75k views on my little old blog and I am absolutely thrilled. I’ve set myself a target of doubling this and getting to 150k. It’s not impossible I don’t think but who knows, maybe I can push myself to get there in the first 6 months?

3. Sponsorship –  This is something I’ve been meaning to do but for some reason I keep chickening out of monetising my blog. If I want to progress into quitting my job entirely to blog, I’m going to have to start somewhere. So if anyone is interested in sponsoring my blog *flutters eyelashes* send me an email!

4. Photography – I’m hoping that with this next year I will up my photography game and take it to another (much better) level. I’m hoping to buy myself a smaller, lighter camera that I can carry around on a regular basis and so I’ll be inclined to practise a little more.

5. Entrepreneurship – The last thing I’d like is to keep going. Keep blogging and continue to grow and welcome the opportunities that come with it. I’ve always loved having a business and I’m always reminiscing about the days when I built up my own business from scratch. This is something else that I’m hoping to get back into in 2016. I’m not too sure just what it is yet but watch this space!


None of my goals are set in stone but it’s always good to have a sense of direction and a target to drive you forward. I hope the next year brings tons of wonderful blessings and memories for us all but most of all I hope it brings is happiness 🙂


What are you goals for 2016? 

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