Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

My hair is a crazy mane on good hair days, and on bad hair days…I’ll be frank – I look like I’ve been electrocuted. Think Merida from Brave except a lot less ginger. Thank god for hair taming tools!

I read about the Brazilian keratin hair treatment a long long time ago when it was all the rage with celebs. Yes Jennifer Anniston I’m looking at you. I didn’t think too much of it as I assumed it would be way out of my price range and my retail wages were just about covering my clothing hauls, I wasn’t sure I could stretch it that far. As with all fads, the horror stories then followed and I read lots posts on forums stating that they experienced side effects. Being the scaredy cat that I am, I quickly forgot about the treatment and continued ironing out my hair pretty much on a daily basis.

Recently I’ve really been struggling with my hair again. I usually cut my hair shorter in winter because I find long hair gets in the way when I’m trying to keep warm with all my layers. Not to mention the static. Oh how I hate winter static. I thought it was just me but it turns out ‘winter static’ is an actual thing. There are numerous posts on the interwebs about reducing static but honestly, I’d rather it just didn’t exist.

A while ago I had my hair ombre-ed and although it’s not what I had asked for, nor the colour I wanted, it grew on me. I have serious commitment issues in that, once I’m commited to something, I will stick to it for life! Was I really ready to chop it all off? Decisions, decision.

This season the ‘lob’ has also been coveted by numerous celebs and although going anywhere above my shoulders is way too daring for me, a long bob might just work.

Just before Christmas whilst browsing through Groupon I came across an unbelievable offer where I would be saving nearly £100 for a wash cut and keratin treatment. Not to mention the salon was a stones throw away from where I live. It was an offer that was too good to be passed on so I thought why the heck not and treated myself (and my sister).

The one thing that initially put me off going to get this done as soon as I had bought the voucher was the fact that once you have the treatment done, you can’t wash your hair for 3-4 days. This worried me slightly as I like to wash my hair every other day but I ensured that I wouldn’t be out and about too much this weekend so I could avoid anyone from seeing me look like a greaseball, and made my appointment.

For those of you that are concerned about how it’s done, there really is nothing to be worried about. They start off by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo. It’s left on for about 10 minutes so that your hair cuticles open up and any existing product is stripped from your hair.
Once they’ve dried your hair, the treatment is applied all over your hair, in a similar fashion to when it is dyed. Once all the treatment is on, your hair is blow dried straight and voila, you’re all set. All in all, it took about an hour for the whole treatment.

Whilst I was in the salon, there was a girl with Afro-Carribean hair having the same treatment. Her hair was so straight after the treatment it was unbelievable. That being said, it should be noted that this treatment isn’t for permanent hair straightening, it’s there to tackle frizz. I’m hoping that the frizz free results will mean that I won’t be reaching for the straightener as often.

So what are the results like, you ask? 

So far so good! It’s only the first day yet thoughh. In terms of the cut itself, it’s not that short but it’s a change from my long locks so it will take some getting used to. It looks and feels so much healthier and I have this sudden motivation to look after it better than ever before. 

The lady doing my hair was lovely and explained that I needed to use a sulphate free shampoo. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I try and avoid parabens and sulphates as much as possible as it is, so this was good to hear. The L’oreal expertise brand is said to be great for this and was recommended to me.

Other instructions were that I don’t wash my hair for at least 3 days and that I am allowed to use the straightener on my hair whilst the treatment is in as it will help lock it in. If I am going to use the straightener I’ve got to use it very evenly and slowly across the hair. I had read elsewhere that I shouldn’t tie my hair up whilst the treatment is in to prevent kinks.

The Brazilian blow out is said to last for up to 3 months (10-12 weeks) and since this particular treatment is supposedly chemical free, there will be no hair loss and it promotes hair growth and strengthening. The minimal usage of heat products on my hair will also mean less damage. Will this actually be the case? Only time will tell..

Have you ever had a keratin treatment before?



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