Original Source – Lemon and Tea Tree Showel Gel

Although I love trying different beauty products, the thought of trying a new shower gel makes me uneasy; particularly as I have sensitive skin. Still, as I was sent this lovely Lemon and Tea tree shower gel, I couldn’t resist.

The colour is an extremely vibrant yellow and this scent in particular smells of lemon sherbets! What more do you need in a shower gel?! When I took a sniff from the bottle, the smell was very strong but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as after I had used it, I noticed that the scent lasted throughout the day.

Having done a bit more research into the brand I found that it is vegan friendly, the fragrances used for their products are all natural and their products aren’t’t tested on animals.

The packaging is in a sleek see through bottle that allows you to see the vibrant colour. The bottle is clearly marked that it can be recycled too…can they get any better?

It seems they can! I love it when brands have a sense of humour and the “Be careful to avoid eyes – it’s not for them it’s for your body” sign did make me chuckle.

With antibacterial qualities of lemon and healing qualities of tea tree oil, this is a great combo for those with skin issues. It foams well, leaving you feeling clean and zesty fresh!

Do you use original source products? What do you think of them? What fragrance do you use?

Love R x

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