It’s now or never

I’ve had some really sweet & supportive emails over the past few weeks from readers of Damzel In This Dress, so before I begin I want to say thank you to those who have taken the time out to send me your kind words. Usually I don’t like to apologise for not blogging regularly because life has a terrible habit of getting in the way and that’s nothing to be sorry about. Lately though, I know my posts have been sporadic and even though I make time to sit down to type, I feel both deflated and lost.

That’s not to say I’ve lost my passion for blogging or that I’ll be disappearing off the face of the earth. Far from it really, I’ve just had to take some time to really, and I mean really decide which direction I want to be heading in life. For such a long time, I’ve been saying that I want to either leave work or go part time so that I can pursue blogging full time. It’s always been a dream to write and when I realised it’s potentially a viable income for me I couldn’t wait to be in a position where I could give this a complete go. That opportunity has finally come my way and all of a sudden I’m drowning in waves of self-doubt.

Those of you who already know me will know that I work in a Refuge for women and children fleeing domestic violence. Sadly due to cuts in funding I’m most likely going to be made redundant by the end of the month. As much as I was excited at the prospect of having some solid writing time, I’m suddenly filled with fear. Everyone’s been so lovely and supportive over the past few months and even though I’ve been nodding along and saying I’m fine and it will all work out, the words just seemed to taste stale and ring hollow.

This morning however, I’ve woken up and I no longer want to be consumed by self-doubt. I’m reaffirming my belief in fate and that if I don’t go after what I want I’ll never get there.

The beginning of 2016 will be spectacular, because that’s how I’m going to make it. My path has finally been lit up for me, and now it’s up to me to find my way. I’ll be chasing my dreams of writing, whether that’s in the form of copywriting or digital marketing or *fingers crossed* full time blogging. What I do know for sure is that I just need to have some confidence and a little faith in myself but best of all, I can always count on you guys for the kind words that we all sometimes need.

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