How To Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader

This is basically a list of lists. I didn’t actually realise it would be until half way through writing the post but honestly, lists are just so therapeutic. They help you feel so organised and oh my, that feeling when you check things off of it.  Serious ELATION.

 How to be your own biggest cheerleader

Back to things at hand though. Everyone needs a cheerleader, most people have someone to support them throughout their life and give them that praise and/or the push that we all sometimes need to get things done. But let’s face it, no one knows you, your limits and boundaries better than yourself, so why is it that we’re usually our worst critic? Well not any more! I think it’s high time that we are championed ourselves a little bit more.
I’ve thought up 7 ways that will help you with cheerleading for yourself:

1. Keep track – keep track of your achievements. No matter how big or small they are, keep a list and check them off. Don’t put time constraints on this list. It’s just a list of achievements. Go through them regularly to remind yourself at just how far you’ve come.

2. Celebrate – Seriously, if it’s an achievement for you to have woken up at 6am every day then treat yourself to a nice breakfast. It might sound silly but rewarding your achievements no matter how small they are really helps your brain to reinforce why you should do this ‘thing’ more often.

3. Gratitude journal – Keep a record of just one thing you’re grateful for each day. It helps if you do it before you go to bed once your day is over. I’m guilty of forgetting to do this and being too lazy to switch my light back on so instead I write it on my phone and then write it in my journal the following day.

4. Surround yourself with positive affirmations – I’ve written a little bit about how I did this here and I can honestly say it makes a huge difference. Feed your subconscious positive things and you’ll see the effect it has on your entire outlook.

5. Be nice – this is much easier said than done but honestly, we could all do with being a little bit nicer to ourselves. Stop being so critical. If you make mistakes, learn from it. If you don’t know how to do something then ask someone. People are more than likely to help if you just ask.

6. Don’t hold back – Make a list of all the things that are holding you back. How many of those things are perceived obstacles? More often than not you’ll find the only thing holding you back is you. Fear of failure is real but it can be combated.

7. Work it – Yes it’s great to be humble but it’s even better to know your worth; and then add tax. In order to be the greatest you’ve got to believe you are first. Take a good look at how much you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come and be proud of it. Stand tall and be unapologetic.

Are YOU your own biggest cheerleader?
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