Liquorish Kimono Maxi

Happy Monday guys! As of last week I’ve (temporarily) gone back to full time work so my blog may go quiet again. I’m hoping it won’t be the case, but since I’ve been resting up to get back into the swing of full time work, I’m going to keep today’s post simple pimples.

liquorish kimono maxi

Today I want to talk about the outfit pictured above. When I say ‘talk about’ I mean, I want to just say how pretty is this dress?? It featured on my Instagram a while ago but never made it to the blog because I intended on taking better photos of it but that just never happened.

It’s from a brand called Liquorish which is now available on the Asos website. They seem fairly new (?) and sell a range of clothing but their maxi dresses are my faves.

At the time, I was looking to buy something for a wedding and honestly this is the perfect wedding guest dress.

When browsing, I suspected that this particular dress would run small because the waist is meant to be fitted (and I was judgemental and thought the brand would be based in china so their sizing would run small) and I had to wear something underneath it. Well I wasn’t wrong because I had to size up, luckily the sleeves are flawy kimono style sleeves so it didn’t make a difference on my shoulders. If you’re thinking about chancing it in your size, I would also highlight that the fabric has no stretch.

It’s still good quality material and the cut is just beautiful. If you’re not keen on showing your cleavage or your back, you will either have to wear a vest/body or fashion some kind of cover up.

I teamed it up with black sliders because it looked cute and those Accessorize fan earrings I keep going on and on about because they go perfectly!

The original price was £60, which is kind of a stretch but luckily it’s gone down to £35 now.

Purchase yours below x





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