H&M Make-up Brush Cleaner Review

I don’t think I’ve ever met any one who thoroughly enjoys washing their brushes. Its such a tedious chore and as bad as it is, I always try to put it off as long as possible. Hey! At least I’m being honest! Recently I read into the dangers of makeup bushes and sponges and the bacteria that festers on them (and in makeup bags) and I was a little bit grossed out.

I wondered if there was a stop gap that could stop my brushes being ridden with bacteria in between washes and it was almost as if the universe heard me because this month I found just the solution.

H&M Make up brush cleaner Review

As I was killing time in H&M waiting for my friend to meet me, I came across H&M’s own brand ‘No rinse Make-Up Brush cleanser spray’. A multitasking spray that cleans and conditions make-up brushes, helping them to stay fresh and last longer. I’ll be honest, the no rinse thing really sold it to me, as well as the fact that it was only £2.99.

You get 100ml in the bottle which is actually a decent size. I mean £2.99! It’s nice and small so it’s easy to store away without being difficult to find space on my dresser for it. I like the sleek black packaging but the best part is that it has a decent spray nozzle. Not a crap one that leaks all over the place but a sturdy one that you can control and it sprays a good amount too. The product itself can apparently be used on both natural and synthetic brush hairs and it states that it cleans and conditions the bristles all without needing to be rinsed.
I don’t actually know what it means by conditions brush hair (bristles?). Like why would you need to? Especially synthetic brushes? Seemed a bit gimmicky to me.

H&M Make up brush cleanser Review

I turned the bottle over to investigate this conditioning claim and to my surprise there were no ingredients. Literally nowhere to be seen. Anywhere. I’ve even searched on their website and I couldn’t find any so I’m dubious about how effective it actually is. Also, there’s no way of knowing how potent the cleaning solution is. It could be a bottle of water for all we know!

I decided to give it a go anyway – the things I do for you!

The instructions state the following:
How to use: Spray directly onto the brush head and clean off with a paper tissue.

Seemed fairly straightforward. I grabbed a tissue (Kleenex if you’re interested) and off I went. The first thing I noticed was that there is a very strong smell of alcohol as soon as you spray it. Other than that there appears to be no additional fragrance. I then swirled my brush around the tissue to get all the foundation off.

Does it do the job? Honestly, there’s no real way of knowing what it does lol. In terms of cleaning an actual foundation brush, it works a little bit but its not, blow your socks off fantastic. My personal reason is that foundation doesn’t stay on the tip of the brush. It works its way down the bristles and you’ll notice if you ever clean your brushes manually, that they hold a lot of product in the middle of the brush. If you’re going to start swirling your brush around properly on the tissue then…well what’s the point? You might as well stand over a sink and do it properly.

H&M Makeup brush cleanser

I do think it’s great at cleaning your brush of bacteria though; then again I’m going solely by the strong smell of alcohol for this assumption.

In terms of eyeshadow brushes, I really liked how well it worked with those. It removes the colour and my brushes aren’t let with stains so I’m quite pleased with that.

I’ve had this product for a month now and I surprised myself at how much I actually use the product. It’s clearly not a replacement for cleaning my brushes but I like knowing that they’re kept bacteria free. I think it’s a great addition for a make-up artist who needs to clean brushes quickly in between jobs.

Would I recommend and/or purchase this again? Probably not. I don’t like not knowing what’s in the product that I’m using. Also I’m fairly sure, that’s illegal?



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