Best Apps For Blogging On The Go

Let’s face it, us bloggers are extremely busy and always on the go. It’s more than likely you’ll be out and about, going about your business when you have a lightbulb moment and think omg must remember to blog about this. Since phones and tablets are a lot savvier now and capable of doing so much more, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps to help you with keeping on top of your blogging schedule & keeping you organised.


WordPress: If you use wordpress then the mobile and tablet app for wordpress is pretty functional. You can do what you need to by use of the app. If however, like me, you are still using blogger, do not get the app. It is a ridiculous waste of time and doesn’t work well at all. Instead, here are my alternatives for blogging when you’re away from your desktop or laptop.

Microsoft Word: Why on earth not. We all know how to use it and you can easily save and sync the document to dropbox if need be. It’s so easy to use and the android version is particularly good.

Blogaway: This one is for those on android and if you use blogger. It has a very simple user interface and with it comes very basic editing tools i.e. no html. Still, if you’re looking to just type something up as a draft and edit later on then this is the tool you need. Similarly if you use an IOS I suggest using Blogsy.

Marketing and promotion:

Whether you have an established following or if you are still getting started, marketing your blog is a definite must. Interaction with other people is imperative and so here are the top three platforms for promoting your blog.


This is probably the best app for getting yourself out there. It allows instant interaction and you can communicate with other bloggers, as well as see what’s going on in the blogosphere in real time. Not to mention the huge surge in twitter chats, where bloggers can take to twitter and get involved, meet other bloggers and promote blogs.


This one is absolutely amazing for promoting your blog however it requires a lot of time, patience and perseverance. It’s also a little bit more difficult because there’s not a lot of interaction involved so for many people, including myself find that it can get boring. Once you get the hang of things though, it’s pretty addictive!


Who even uses Facebook anymore, right? Well apparently a lot of people. Get your blog it’s own page where people who use Facebook but not twitter can keep up with it. I was skeptical of making a page as I’m not a fan of Facebook at all. However having seen a rise in my numbers through promotion on Facebook, it’s definitely worth considering. 

You can also join groups that allow you to post your blog links and promote your website.

There’s not much to say except, download it and use it. If you’re just starting off it can get quite tricky to build up your followers but once you do start posting enough pretty pictures you’ll start attracting people towards your blog.
A handy tip is to turn on location settings and put your blog name into it so people always know where to refer to. Don’t forget to put your blog link in your profile as that’s the only clickable (or should I say tapable?) link.

Planning and organisation:

Keepsake: This one came already installed with my android phone and if you haven’t got it, I thoroughly recommend that you do. It’s such a quick and easy app to jot down your ideas or make lists. I’m an OCLM – Obsessive compulsive list maker. Heck I even make lists for lists! The app is extremely handy and allows you to plan in an organised way.  Is it just me that gets a sense of satisfaction when I cross something off my list? Well what’s even better with keepsake is you can check things off your list and instead of it disappearing, you can see it crossed out and keep track of your achievements.


This app is brilliant. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s honestly worth figuring out because it’s essentially an online scrapbook. You can compile a whole range of things to help you brainstorm ideas for your blog/blogposts. It’s kind of like pinterest but not limited to photos, and a lot more amazing. I mean you can take a photo on your phone or tablet and ask it to search for the text within the image. whaaaat?! It also syncs everything so you can access stuff from your phone, tablet or laptop whenever you need to.

Buffer is brilliant for scheduling tweets. As previously mentioned twitter is my number one tool for promoting my blog however I can’t sit and tweet all day long. Buffer allows me to schedule my tweets so that they are published throughout the day whilst I get on with other things. It is a lot simplet than Tweetdeck and Hootsuite and makes much more sense.

Photography & Image editing:

Let’s be realistic, you can’t always lug your SLR around (if you have one). It’s just not practical and using your phone is a lot easier. So here are my list of apps you need to download to help you with your photography.

VSCO Cam: This app is brilliant for photography. There are a number of filters which look amazing on all photos. Not surprising since they built filters for Adobe Lightroom. You might notice that when you upload a picture taken on your SLR to instagram its becomes extremely blurry/pixelated, well no more. VSCO hopes to eliminate this and keep the consistency of good photos. Look out insta, this ones for the real pros.

Pixlr Express: This one is brilliant for editing as it does practically everything. There are a huge number of filters, and tools that allow you to edit your photo. Not to mention the ability to create collages all in one app.

Other handy apps:

Dropbox – If you haven’t got an account, you should definitely get one. It’s extremely handy cloud storage that can be accessed on all forms of devices including your laptop. It integrates with all systems really well and is very easy to navigate.

Bloglovin: Keep up to date with all your favourite blogs on the go. You can’t view your own blog stats via the android app so thats the only down side, however I love that I’m able to read all my favourite blogs in one place on my commute home.

Google Analytics: This app on your mobile is a must. It is so much easier and simpler to use then the desktop site. Although numbers shouldn’t be something you obsess over, analysing your blog stats allows you to plan the direction and growth of your blog and this app makes it that much easier to do!

What apps are your favourite to use when blogging on the go?

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