Easy Hairstyle Inspired by Jessa of Girls

ERMAHGERD did someone say season 4 of Girls is here?? I absolutely cannot wait to watch it. I’m not entirely sure what it is about the show that I like, I despise all the characters really and yet in some weird way I can identify with most of them in some way.

Throughout the first three series’, Jessa Johansson’s (aka Jemima Kirke) hair is effortlessly flawless. I spent many an episode lusting after her mermaid locks and figuring out how she got her hair did. One of my favourite looks was from Series Season 1, Episode 7 (“Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident”), where she ramps up the glam and dons the unforgettable feathered outfit.

This week, to celebrate the return of girls, I decided to use Jessa’s offbeat style and get inspired to be a little more creative with my hair & outfits. Today I recreated her fabulous Gibson girls-esque hairdo from the aforementioned episode.

Edwardian hairstyles are the epitome of feminie chic. In other words, their messy updo’s were ‘on fleek’ wayyyy before the red carpet stylists starting doing their thing.

So here are my easy step by step instructions:

Start by taking the front section of hair (preferably ear to ear) and tying it away. If you have a fringe, try to gather your hair from an inch above your fringe, so that there are longer bits.

Next gather the hair at your crown (top of your head) into a bun. It doesn’t have to be neat or fancy, this is just to tie it away.

Now, going back to the front section of your hair, take a small section and begin rolling it back on itself to create a roll/tube. Using bobby pins or grip pins, pin the bottom of the tube on to your roots. Remember not to pin the top parts or squash your hair down too much, the more volumous the better.
I found this quite difficult to do because of the length of my hair so I used a tube shaped bottle (thanks MAC Prep & prime) to help me roll my hair up before pinning.

Since I have fine/thin hair, I did also start to noticed that I had gaps appearing in between my rolls so it didn’t look continuous but once I had completed rolls around my entire head, I used a comb to comb my hair back into place and remove any gaps.

If you have a fringe and find that it doesn’t sit into your existing rolls, tease/back comb the hair and use hair spray so it sits into place.

You can make the hairstyle look softer by bringing bits of hair out of the style you’ve created so far. Just the way jessa uses bangs to frame her face and soften the look. Personally I prefer not to have dangly bits near my face so I pushed all my hair back.Also, try not to pull too hard when taking hair out, so the rolls stay in place. Once you’re happy, lightly hairspray them to secure in place some more.

Next we tackle the section you’ve tied up into a bun. You can either neaten and tighten the bun like I did to have a neat updo, or alternatively you can have it look messies (and cooler) by splitting the hair up into three sections. Twist and roll to create a pin curl and pin it into place.
Remember this style doesn’t have to be neat or sleek, soft, feminine & effortless is the look we’re going for.

Admittedly this style does work much better when you have frizzy, wavy or curly hair. I had sort of straightened my hair before I did this tutorial and found it quite tricky. If you have fine/thin hair like Jessa’s you’ll notice it may come loose (like it is in her photos) by the end of the evening if it isn’t secured and sprayed properly.

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