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I do this thing where I am completely obsessed with something for a short period of time. An intense burst of full blown attention to an idea, a thought, a creative pursuit, and just as fiercely as it came, it’s gone again.

Is it a short attention span or the inability to commit to anything other than my love for carbs – all carbs, I don’t discriminate. I’m not sure really, but what I do know is that I’m slowly realising it’s not always a great thing.

Pinstriped Joggers

I mean, it’s brilliant when I’m learning something knew and I’ve devoured all of the literature around the oedipal complex and it’s ideologies; but not so great when I’m losing motivation around things that are going to help me pursue my passion.
I have no qualms about the facts that I’m not an “influencer” and I’m ok with that, however if I want to continue to earn the small income that I do through the internet then I can’t keep getting bored of my social feeds.

Currently I’m spending most of my scrolling time on Instagram and I’ve seen numerous bloggers film Insta stories with no makeup on and in their PJs stating that this is “the real them 90% of the time”. They have gone on to say that although they love their feed and the things they post, there’s someone “normal” behind the account and followers shouldn’t feel down about other peoples lifestyles showcased on Instagram because it’s not 100% true.

I must admit I do like this sentiment. I like that they’ve taken the time out to say hey, life isn’t all floral cafes and latte art, but I can’t help thinking that they shouldn’t have to explain themselves. You don’t have a responsibility to tell people that you sit about in your PJs for most of the day. In fact, if your followers have made you feel like your feed is making them unhappy then surely it’s their own responsibility to realise this and unfollow?

Pinstriped Joggers

Having binge watched Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix this week, I’ve decided to take her theory of keeping only the things that spark joy in my life and removing anything else that doesn’t. Since I’m focusing on social media for work purposes (and pleasure of course) I’ve decided to start there.
At present I follow all sorts of accounts, people who I’m inspired by, small businesses that I will use in the future of have used in the past, other bloggers and if truth be told, there are people I don’t even remember following (!)

This week (and going forward), I’m going to go through all my social media platforms slowly and really think about the accounts I’m following and what they’re offering me. If I’m left feeling disheartened or uninspired, then it’s going to be a swift unfollow. Nothing personal, it’s just Instagram after all.

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