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It’s rare that I write up a review on the same day that I’ve eaten somewhere. If I’m completely honest, I did hesitate before pressing publish for fear of never getting a seat here again but honestly, it’s just too good a place to keep to myself. I am of course talking about Forks and Green; a Parisian inspired brasserie serving an all day brunch (and more).

Let’s face it, Tottenham isn’t exactly synonymous with the words “avant garde”, so when I was recommended Forks and Green for a hearty brunch I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Forks and Green Vegetarian Breakfast

I’m going to be honest, walking up to Forks and Green feels a bit like you’ve stumbled into a blip in time. The brasserie is adjacent to the park entrance, making it feel almost like an extension to it. It’s light, refreshing and very inviting.

Although it was Friday lunchtime, I wasn’t expecting it to be as busy as it was. The place was filled with nearby workers and mums on coffee dates, I loved the vibe already! There was a small wait for a table inside but the staff were very friendly and gave us menus to browse whilst we waited.

I do want to say that there is seating outside but it was just 1 degree today and cold eggs are the worst so we were happy to wait.

Scanning the menu I was surprised to see just how extensive it was, especially considering that most places that serve brunch only have about five or six dishes on the menu.

There were actually quite a few things that caught my eye, in particular the cauliflower and leek mac and cheese! However since we had heard great things about the breakfast we both decided to opt for the ‘vegetarian breakfast’ instead.

Generally I’m not too keen on fried eggs so we did ask to have them poached. This wasn’t an issue at all and to be honest I had a feeling that nothing would be too much trouble here.

Considering how busy it was the food came out in good time and you could tell from the moment it was on the table that the quality of the ingredients were top-notch.

Something else I was super happy with was the fact that the waitress bought over a whole load of condiments without us asking.

At this point I was wondering whether Forks and Green was too good to be true but there was only one way to find out. Time to dig in!

To put it simply – the food was banging. Every single thing on that plate was delicious and I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day. The fritter and vegetarian sausage was my favourite and I’m secretly hoping I can buy them in a supermarket somewhere.

The coffee was pretty good too! It’s also worth noting that there are plenty of vegan options.

The portions are extremely generous but what surprised me the most was that a full plate (pictured above) cost just £8.40. Perplexed but definitely not complaining! (PLEASE do not change your prices!)

Will I be returning? Let’s just say Forks and Green might just have bumped itself up to one of the top places to have breakfast in London. I will definitely be back. Definitely keen on trying EVERYTHING else on the menu.

Would I recommend it? HIGHLY.

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