Kareena Kapoor’s Lakme campaign cat eye liner

I’ve never been a huge fan of Kareena Kapoor, despite her cheekbones being to die for. Lakme products aren’t available in the UK either so it was only by chance that I came across this campaign. As soon as I saw her 60’s inspired look I loved it. The edgy eyeliner sets off the otherwise effortless look perfectly. 

I decided to recreate the eyes featured in the picture above.
I started off by putting on some primer over my eyelids and once that had set, I started with a base. I used my trusty Sleek Divine Palette and spread ‘Kinky’ across only half of my eye, starting from the inner corner. I like that the colour is matte, which is perfect for a base colour or even for those barely there eyeshadow looks. I also added a little to my brow bone to give my eyes a little lift & some definition.

I decided not to use any more eyeshadow as I wasn’t sure of how much or how little to use at this point, so I went straight on to the fun part – the massive cat eye swoop! For this I used Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner. Generally I’m not a huge fan of this eyeliner because I find that felt tips drag across my eye and leave a jaggedy line, totally not looking at you benefit push up liner *cough*. Since I needed to draw on a shape on to my eye, a felt tip is exactly what I needed so out it came from the back of my make up collection.

Starting at the end of my lash line, I drew a line curving only slightly upwards and stopped until it was level with my eyebrow. Next I started another line from my eye crease (again starting from near the end of my lash line) and I drew it along but stopped a few centimetres before the end of my eyebrow. All that was left to do was join them up.

Next I filled in the area i had drawn. It proved to be quite difficult with Scandaleyes so I used my favourite eyeliner ever instead – Rimmel Glam’eyes. At this point, I could’ve blended the eyeliner into the eyeshadow (kinky) I had put on earlier but I decided to keep it as a sharp line for a more dramatic look. Rather than a straight line I did an inverted curve starting from the inner corner of my eye and swooping up to the top. 

Finally I used Illamasqua eye colouring pencil in ‘Elate’ along my water line. It’s such a great eye pencil! Glides right on effortlessly. I finished off with YSL Faux cils false lash effect mascara, concentrating on my lower lashes so that the white contrasts with the black.

White eyeliner is usually used to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Since I have big eyes already, if I was to recreate this look again I would skip on the white and maybe go for a different colour instead. I didn’t finish off the rest of the face however with some contouring and highlighting and MAC’s Cherish lipstick, you’d be all ready for the ball!

The look is really very easy to recreate and for an event I can see it being really effective. I love the dramatic winged look!

Would you ever wear this look?



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  1. Christina Whem says:

    Great tutorial. Your eyes are so pretty!

  2. love the look!


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