Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Now that my holiday is over, and I’m no longer required to eat tagines day after day…it’s time to get back to possibly my favourite thing in the world….food, glorious food! 

My first stop was back to Gourmet burger Kitchen, one of my firm favourites.

There are a number of GBK’s scattered around London alone, and it is fast becoming a staple alongside Nando’s.

The decor can be described as a cosie diner i.e. the shiny plastic-y seats are replaced with cosie (still leather but less shiny) sofas. 

The menu is fairly small and simple but in all honesty, they cover pretty much anything you would expect in a diner, including milkshakes. They do cater for vegetarians too and their chicken is halal – check with each store for confirmation though.

Similar to nando’s you go up to the til to order and pay and unlike other restaurants, you are handed some glasses that you can fill with monkey nuts. They’re on the house and keep your hunger at bay until your food arrives.

The Brent Cross branch even has a fridge filled with condiments that you can help yourself too. 

My favourite is the Blue Cajun (pictured above), the burger just melts in your mouth. I’ve visited a number of times just to ensure that it wasn’t just because I was famished the first time I went!

Overall the food is reasonably priced and tastes amazing. The service is generally also really good with no-fuss. They’ve managed to master casual dining down to a tee. A definite must-try!

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