The Week That I Joined The Library

A very short one for you this week, the week has just flown by!

What I’m watching:
La case de papel – If you haven’t heard of or even not yet got round to watching LCDP then just stop whatever it is you’re doing immediately and rectify this situation. Seriously, do it.
When my cousin recommended it to me (thanks Aysh!) I thought it would be an overly dramatic telenovela, which if I’m honest, I wouldn’t actually have been opposed to watching. Instead though, I got a seriously gripping series about a group of people intending on committing the robbery of the century. I can’t stop watching it and with each episode I’m getting more and more upset that there isn’t a second season out until May!

What I’m eating:
Reese’s nut bar – if you like Reese’s, you’re going to LOVE this. I messaged everyone I knew who liked Reese’s, which is basically everyone I know because if you don’t like peanut butter we can’t be friends, soz. Literally everyone who had tasted it agreed that it was amazeballs! Try it.

reese's nut bar

Breakfast in Bread – I love brunch, but it’s been a long time since I REALLY enjoyed brunch. Read my review of The Barge House here to find out what you’ve been missing out on and why you need to change that immediately!

What I’m lusting after:
Olympus auto lens cap – I hateee taking my camera lens on and off and then putting it down and forgetting what I did with it. I do this way more often than I should and It’s just so much unnecessary hassle, especially now that I know that there is a solution for it! I must have it!

Olympus Auto Lens Cap

I’ve actually surprised myself at just how small my ‘lusting after list’ is but I’m attempting to save up a little bit because last month my expenses were a little bit insane lol. I’m avoiding window shopping and even walking into shops unless I really really need to. Spring should be right around the corner and I most definitely do not need yet another jumper…right?

What else:
I joined the library and I’m not even ashamed. Ironically, my sister who is a huge bookworm was not at all impressed. “Get a kindle!” was her response *eye roll*. Tbh, my main purpose wasn’t just* to read more books, it was so that I had a quiet space I could go to to concentrate and bang out a couple of posts for the week. Has it worked? So far yes! I’m actually sat here typing this up now.

Oh and I’m going to teach myself Spanish. Adios Amigos!

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