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This week my friend and I found ourselves in South West London for a shoot. We had wrapped up by about 1.30pm and were seriously famished. She had promised me brunch as a bribe to get me out the house and so eggs I was expecting! We drove down to a very cool looking independent cafe that serves all day brunch (yaaassss!) called Cut The Mustard. 

All day brunch places are my absolute favourites because although I like to think I’m very punctual, I have friends who just really are not (I do love them dearly though!). This means less rushing around to get there before the afternoon and who even said that eggs were only to be eaten in the morning!

The cafe has seating outside and it actually looks pretty cool too. As soon as you walk in there’s a huge peg board style board up with the menu all written out. There isn’t much seating inside, so imagine there must be a bit of a wait on really busy days. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say you could fit about 20 people inside comfortably.

Cut The Mustard Cafe
Cut The Mustard Cafe

Luckily going mid week meant that we were seated straight away. Absolutely no complaints there. The staff were very friendly and also really helpful in explaining what brown eggs were *don’t judge me*.

We both opted for the Peggy and I have to say, as soon as it arrived, I knew it was going to taste amazing. The eggs just looked top quality and had been poached to perfection.

Cut The Mustard Cafe
Cut The Mustard Cafe

The thing I loved most about the dish was the avocado mix. It consisted of smashed avo, smashed butter beans, pickled shallots, chilli & herbs served on sourdough. Something I never knew I needed in my life until today! Definitely something I’d like to try my hand at making at home too.

Price wise, I would say it’s competitive. At the time of visiting we paid £8.50 for Peggy. Considering it’s an independent cafe in London and they clearly use top quality ingredients (even the veg is sourced from Covent Garden market!), it’s worth it. The portion sizes aren’t huge as you only get one slice of toast but for me it’s the perfect size.

It’s a pity that I live so far away and that it’s not very accessible from a train station but I definitely hope to be back very soon. 

Would I recommend Cut The Mustard? Absolutely. For that smash mix alone tbh!

Oh and just for laughs, do read this review titled “Fleeced” on trip advisor and the fantastic response from Chef Jimmy Reynoldson 👏🏼

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