Meat House London Review

Halal gourmet burgers are now becoming a staple part of my diet it seems and yet, I still can’t get enough. This week I ventured to Kings cross with a good friend and whilst we hadn’t intended on visiting Meat House London and definitely decided against it, we still ended up there. Some might call it fate ha.

The decor reminded me a lot of Meat and Shake. Brickwork and leather upholstered seats – the rustic diner feel that seems to be in vogue. It was bigger than I had expected it to be and the staff were polite from the get go so no complaints from me. We were seated immediately and I was extremely pleased to see that the tables were already set up with clean cutlery and condiments (brownie points for the condiments range!).

Since it was a weekday afternoon it wasn’t very busy but as the lunchtime rush kicked in the people started pouring in. Meat House seemed to be a popular choice and I was already starting to see why.

meat house London review

The menu is pretty extensive but since I’m not a fan of red meat I did look for alternatives but there weren’t many chicken options. In the end we both opted for The Inferno which is a ‘beef patty with marinated and chilli with lettuce, tomato, gherkins, jalapenos, onion and melted cheese & zingy mayo’.

The food arrived in good time and you could tell it was freshly made. Even though I don’t like food served on a board, I can appreciate the presentation. I liked how the chips came in a little basket too.

Let’s get down to the good stuff now, how did it taste? If I’m completely 100% honest, the burger tasted both fresh and flavoursome so my stomach was definitely happy however it didn’t live up to it’s name. Being the inferno I expected some serious spice. We did have the option of choosing a mild or spicy version when we made our order and even though we picked spicy it wasn’t what I had in mind. Nonetheless I still enjoyed the burger and would definitely have it again.

The prices for the burgers are premium. I paid £10.95 for the burger alone but I suppose this is standard for prime locations in London.

All in all I loved the whole experience. The food, service and atmosphere gets top marks from me. I’d definitely go back and I’m super intrigued to give their steaks a go.
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