Darcie May Green Daisy Green Collection Review

Daisy Green Collection has been creating antipodean dishes across London since 2012. I had been meaning to go for the longest time but I never got the chance. Recently, the DGC crew have bought their Aussie dishes and killer coffees to two canal boats on Grand Union Canal in Paddington. The brightly coloured vessels named ‘Darcie’ and ‘May’ Green float elegantly directly outside Paddington station, brightening up the grey concrete and office block surroundings.

Darcie May Green Review

Darcie May Green Review

The staff are really lovely and attended to us in just the right way. Luckily we had booked beforehand so there wasn’t a wait for us but I imagine as the weather warms up it will definitely get harder to grab a table right away. Putting aside the obvious instagrammable exterior, the blogger in me was squealing in delight over the interior. I mean, marble tables, plush comfy chairs, blankets and natural lighting from all directions!

The boats are bigger than I had expected and although they’re tied to the dock, if it’s windy or there are other boats passing then they do crash into the dock quite abruptly! Darcie is the actual restaurant and from what I could see May was more of a bar/grab a coffee on the go sort of thing. I probably should have checked it out properly but we were hungry so yeah…

Darcie May Green Review

Darcie May Green Review

Darcie May Green offer’s an all day brunch menu which I was really pleased about and the menu is both extensive in variety and exciting in flavours. We ordered a mix of savoury and sweet options because let’s face it, everything sounds pretty friction good and we had to taste it all.

I ordered the Broccoli & Corn fritters with avocado, a poached free range egg and house made chilli pesto whilst my friend went for Coconut French toast, thick Greek yogurt, raspberries, mango, shaved coconut, bee pollen, pure maple.

Everything was freshly prepared and smelt amazing as it was laid out infant of us. Lucky for us the weather was amazing too so everything was picture perfect.

Darcie May Green Review

Daisy Green Review Broccoli fritters

Daisy Green Review Coconut French Toast

Back to the food! My broccoli and corn fritters were one of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted. Fresh and fluffy and the chilli pesto was the perfect pairing. I also dug into the coconut French toast and honestly couldn’t fault it. I have never had French toast prepared this way and now I’m questioning everything because this was just divine. The yoghurt and fruit accompaniments made it just perfect for the sunny day that it was. I can definitely see myself ordering that again on those hot and humid summer days that I’m hoping are ye to come this year.

We also ordered fresh mint tea and orange juice. Both of which tasted great.

Taking into account the venue, location and how well the food is prepared and served I think it’s worth every penny. You’re looking at a rough average of £11 per dish, however the portions are quite generous. You’re getting your money’s worth, for sure!

Would I recommend Darcie May Green? 100% yes!
Would I go again? Most definitely.





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